“From Motor City to Mouthwatering: The Rise of Detroit-Style Pizza”


Ven, Chicago, and New York may have some competition when it comes to culinary prowess. A burgeoning urban sensation has emerged in the United States: Detroit. In anticipation of National Pizza Day on February th, let us delve into the intriguing history of Detroit-style pizza and explore why this delectable dish is gaining widespread adoration. For those unacquainted with its distinctive charms, Detroit-style pizza is a tantalizing square delight that boasts a crust with an unparalleled crispness, setting it apart from its New York counterparts. Consequently, this consummate creation leaves an indelible impression on pizza connoisseurs, owing to its unique layering structure and visually captivating presentation, inspired by the Sicilian-style pizza served in square formations, as expounded upon by the esteemed website.

The renowned establishment known as Buddy’s Pizza takes pride in being the originator of Detroit-style pizza. In contrast to the conventional pizza composition, where the sauce is placed beneath the cheese and toppings, Detroit-style pizza follows a different approach. According to Buddy’s Pizza, this distinct style involves directly placing pepperoni onto the dough, resulting in the absorption of its rich flavors into the crust. Moreover, instead of the more customary choices like mozzarella, parmesan, or a combination of the two, Detroit-style pizza utilizes Wisconsin brick cheese atop the pepperoni. This unique pizza variety traces its roots back to the late s and was aptly named after the bricks employed for pressing it.

According to the Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin’s official website, brick cheese is made from white American cheddar but undergoes a higher temperature culturing process, resulting in increased fat content and a distinctive protein structure. The Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin also describes Wisconsin brick cheese as possessing a moderately softer flavor profile, complemented by a delightfully sharper aftertaste. In honor of National Pizza Day, savor a delectable slice of pie while taking note of these five indicators of subpar pizza establishments. As stated by Buddy’s Pizza, the sauce is generously spread in three parallel lines on the pizza’s surface before being baked. Although this particular style of pizza may seem unconventional, it boasts a unique and flavorful experience.

Detroit-style pizza has gained significant popularity over the course of nearly years since its inception. According to Jeremy Damaske, the proprietor of Pie Sci Pizza in Detroit, it is the delectable combination of crispy, crunchy edges and a soft inner dough that makes this pizza so appealing. He believes that this unique style of pizza serves as an excellent conduit for delivering pizza to the masses. With weekly sales ranging from to , Detroit-style pies, Pie Sci Pizza attracts numerous out-of-town visitors who specifically seek out this renowned pizza. Damaske asserts that the majority of reactions he receives are overwhelmingly positive. It is worth noting that while this exceptional pizza is now commonly referred to as Detroit-style, its origins can be traced back to a different time.

According to Wealth of Geeks, it was not until the s that the term Detroit-style pizza emerged, even though its origins can be traced back to the s. The recognition of this unique pizza style gained traction when a Texas-based pizza business, owned by former residents of Metro Detroit, decided to distinguish their product by labeling it as Detroit-style pizza. Since then, Detroit-style pizza has transcended its roots in Michigan’s largest city and is now widely available throughout the United States. Emily remarks that while cities like Chicago or New York may often come to mind when thinking of pizza, Detroit-style pizza has rightfully earned its place among the best pizzas in America, as evidenced by the widespread popularity it enjoys today.

According to the Communications and Brand Strategy representative of the Michigan Restaurant and Lodging Association, in a statement to Wealth of Geeks, she emphasized that Michigan boasts several nationally renowned franchises such as Little Caesar’s, Dominos, Hungry Howie’s, and Jet’s Pizza, alongside approximately , other pizza establishments across the state. This significant presence clearly demonstrates the substantial market share enjoyed by the pizza industry in Michigan. For instance, Detroit itself has recognized the widespread appeal of its iconic pizza, prompting the introduction of the Detroit Pizza Pass by Visit Detroit in October . Interested individuals can conveniently register for this exclusive program by visiting the provided link.

The moral

In conclusion, the rise of Detroit-style pizza is a testament to the power of innovation and tradition. What began as a regional specialty in the heart of Michigan has now become a beloved and sought-after food across the United States. By combining square-shaped pans, crispy edges, and a layer of cheese that caramelizes to perfection, Detroit-style pizza has carved out its own unique identity in the pizza world. So, the next time you’re craving a slice of pizza, don’t overlook Detroit-style. Give it a try and discover why it has rightfully claimed its place among the best pizzas in America.


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