The Most Rewarding Aspects of Working in the Scotch Whisky Industry


distinguished in the world of spirits. What occupation do you aspire to? Would you like to be an actor, a DJ, or perhaps a zookeeper? These professions are often highly regarded when people are asked about their dream job. However, if you have a fervent passion for exceptional single malt whiskey, you might find Ewan Morgan’s occupation far more appealing than starring in the latest blockbuster film in Hollywood. As the esteemed Head of Whisky Outreach at Diageo, he oversees the most extensive assortment of rare scotch casks in existence. Although his responsibility does not primarily involve selling it, given the three-tiered alcohol distribution system in the United States, one can assert that this remarkable liquid practically sells itself. No, his role encompasses much more significance and prestige.

dedicated his career to ensuring that affluent individuals retain their enthusiasm for rare scotch, both presently and in the future. Morgan’s remarkable success can be attributed to the fact that the market for super premium scotch has never witnessed a more enduring period of prosperity than in contemporary times. Distilled Spirits Council of the United States data reveals a staggering growth of approximately % in the sales of single malt scotch imported from Scotland over the last two decades. Throughout this entire period, Morgan has maintained an influential position within the industry, having devoted almost thirty years to the pursuit of spirits.

Every aspect of the profession during that specific period, ranging from a maltman to a chemical analyst to a highly acclaimed brand representative, was covered by him. In , he attained the distinguished title of Keeper of the Quaich, which is the most prestigious accolade bestowed upon scotch experts. These accomplishments emphasize that achieving a career like Morgan’s is not an instant accomplishment; it requires unwavering dedication, extensive knowledge, and approximately three decades of experience. While you endeavor to acquire these qualifications, we had the opportunity to conduct an interview with this renowned figure in the industry. This interview explores his daily routine and his personal preferences in terms of beverage choices, both within and outside of work.

The subsequent interview has undergone editing to reduce its length and enhance clarity. Kindly elucidate the typical daily routine of a ‘Head of Whisky Outreach’? Ewan Morgan: A sense of routine eludes my day-to-day life. The perpetual absence of normality bestows upon this role an exceptional blend of diversity and intrigue. Each day presents distinctive experiences, ranging from extensive travel commitments – accounting for more than % of the year – engaging with media personnel, discerning caviar flavors for event pairings, collaborating with luminaries, to more mundane responsibilities such as fulfilling expense declarations. This delightful and sociable occupation furnishes me with the privilege of interacting with remarkable individuals, whose company I cherish deeply.

opinion on the perception that your job is perfect? EM: Although it is often said that perfection is unattainable, I must agree that my profession does come close to it. By journeying to breathtaking destinations and indulging in exquisite culinary experiences at top-rated establishments, all while sampling some of the most exclusive and delectable whiskies known to mankind, I can confidently say that my job is indeed remarkable. However, jests aside, I genuinely adore my occupation and acknowledge the immense fortune bestowed upon me in possessing it.

primary responsibility as Head of Whisky Outreach was managing the unconventional aspects of my profession. Being the sole individual at Diageo to hold this position across the United States, every task demanded meticulous attention. One particular arduous task involved diligently managing and responding to emails even while on the go, a challenge that required constant vigilance. In regard to disclosing an intriguing anecdote from my tenure in this capacity, I must exercise caution. While numerous captivating experiences come to mind, there is one memory that stands out amongst them all.


In conclusion, while it may be a common perception that no job is perfect, I must confess that my profession as a travel and food enthusiast comes remarkably close. The opportunity to explore stunning destinations, savor the finest cuisine, and indulge in the rarest whiskies is truly extraordinary. However, beyond the jests and indulgences, I hold a deep appreciation for the work I do and the immense fortune that has allowed me to pursue this passion. At the end of the day, I am grateful for the remarkable experiences and genuine joy that my occupation brings me.


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