“From the Gym to the Boardroom: How Activewear is Redefining Professional Attire for Women”


If one requires encouragement to attend the gym, it may be prudent to revisit their selection of workout attire. It is a common observation that workout clothing tends to lack variety and excitement, often presenting in dull, monotonous colors. A visit to a yoga class or jogging route in New York City will likely reveal numerous individuals sporting identical black workout ensembles. For those seeking additional motivation to engage in physical activity, this realization has prompted a search for the finest workout brands catering to women. Extensive research on the internet, thorough examination of customer feedback, and personal testing of various brands have enabled us to identify our preferred selections.

Allow us to inform you that there is an abundance of exceptional options available, ranging from popular styles favored by celebrities at Alo and lululemon, to innovative gear from CALIA, sustainable athletic clothing from Girlfriend Collective, and high-performance options from Under Armour. We have carefully curated a selection of brands that cater to various body types with a wide range of sizes and lengths, as well as an assortment of styles to suit every kind of shopper — from timeless neutral colors to contemporary geometric designs and vibrant, bold patterns. Each of the selected brands offers a diverse collection of garments suitable for all types of physical activities, including exercise dresses for court sports, sports.

Please peruse our suggestions for the top workout clothing brands catering to women. Following this, you may wish to consider investing in some new fitness equipment for home use in order to fully assess your new attire. Top pick: lululemon; Ideal for daily wear: Alo Yoga; Perfect for yoga practice: FP Movement; Reliable smart gear: CALIA; Vibrant color options: Terez; High-impact workouts: Under Armour; Yoga enthusiasts’ choice: Aerie; Environmentally-conscious option: Girlfriend Collective; Running essentials: Gymshark; Luxurious splurge: NEIWAI; Ultimate comfort: Vuori; Winter sports enthusiasts: P.E Nation.

Outdoor Voices is the top pick for activewear, with lululemon as the standout choice. Standard shipping is complimentary, while Express shipping costs $ and Priority shipping costs $. Returns are accepted within days of the delivery date, both online and in-store.

lululemon has excelled in creating workout attire that maintains its quality over time, while also introducing new styles to remain at the forefront of fashion trends. The brand is renowned for offering an extensive range of sizes, from to in leggings. Notably, efforts have been made by the brand to incorporate more sustainable practices.

If you are looking to purchase gently used lululemon clothing at discounted prices, consider exploring their ‘Like New’ resale section. Personally, I have been a loyal customer of lululemon since my younger years, and I still have some classic early ‘s lululemon pieces stored away in my drobe (fortunately, the high-rise Groove leggings are back in style). However, when it comes to their most popular items, there is no doubt that the Align Bra and Align leggings take the lead. These pieces are available in four different lengths: , , , and . The ability to customize these garments to fit your height can significantly enhance the overall wearing experience.

When it comes to exercising, petite women no longer have to worry about their ankles getting scrunched. Ideal for daily wear, Alo Yoga offers free UPS Ground shipping as well as faster options for $ and $. Alo Yoga allows returns for a full refund within days of the purchase. The popular ‘cool girl’ workout brand, Alo, has gained a strong following among celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber, and Taylor Swift. Known for its durability, Alo’s collection includes staple items like the Airlift and Alosoft leggings.


In conclusion, lululemon’s ‘Like New’ resale section offers a great opportunity to score some of their coveted pieces at discounted prices. As a longtime customer, I can attest to the enduring style and quality of their garments, with classics like the high-rise Groove leggings making a comeback. The Align Bra and Align leggings remain fan favorites for good reason, with the option to choose from four different lengths ensuring a perfect fit for all body types. Whether you’re a seasoned lululemon enthusiast or a newcomer to the brand, these versatile pieces are sure to elevate your activewear collection.


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