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Hobby Airport, Inc. (HAI) announced on October 16, 2018, that they will no longer be using IAH as their primary airport. This decision is a result of the increasing costs associated with maintaining and expanding the IAH facility. The airport has been struggling to keep up with the increased demand for air travel, and it has become difficult for them to keep up with the necessary renovations and equipment. Hobby Airport regrets this decision and will be working to find other locations for their operations.

Hobby Airport reconsiders plans to close IAH.

The current plans of the Hobby Airport are to close it in order to make way for a new soccer stadium. However, this has caused some controversy as many people believe that the airport would be perfectly capable of hosting large events without closing. There have been many online petitions and protests against the closure of the airport, with people vowing to fight until there is a change in plans.There are several reasons why the Hobby Airport may reconsider their plans to close:1) The airport is in a very good condition and could easily be upgraded;2) The city of Houston is planning to build a new soccer stadium on site, which means that the airport would not have any impact whatsoever;3) There are other airports in Texas that could easily handle larger events without being closed down, such as George Bush Intercontinental Airport or Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

How to Get started in the Hobby Airport.

The Hobby Airport is a great place to start your aviation career. With an extensive collection of aircraft and accessories, the airport has everything you need to get started in the hobby of flying. While there are no overnight accommodations or job opportunities available at the airport, there are plenty of resources available to help you succeed in your aviation career.

Use the Hobby Airport Resources

The Hobby Airport has a wide range of resources that can be helpful when it comes to getting started in the hobby of flying. The website provides information about aircraft and accessories, as well as airline regulations and ticket prices for flights into and out of the airport. The airport also runs a number of workshops and events that offer students and beginner pilots access to equipment, knowledge, and support from experienced pilots.

Get a Job at the Hobby Airport

If you’re interested in working at the Hobby Airport, there are several options available to you. One option is to find a job at one of the many local businesses that offer services related to aviation such as air cargo transport or ground servicing; these businesses often have employees who can help with Aviation-related tasks such as refueling planes or providing hangar space. Another option is to apply for jobs at one of the many airlines that serve our region, which may have positions open in their cockpit or tower departments; these jobs might require some experience with flying cars or other advanced technology!

Tips for success in the Hobby Airport.

If you’re looking for a career in the Hobby Airport, there are plenty of opportunities. Check out the job boards and search through job postings to find the best fit for your skills and interests. You can also look into freelancing or contracting opportunities.

Get started in the Hobby Airport

Be sure to start your journey in the right place: the hobby section of the airport! The hobby section is home to a wide range of resources and opportunities, so start your search there and you’ll be on your way to success. First, check out our helpful beginner tipsheet, and then start exploring!


The Hobby Airport has been rescinding plans to close IAH, but it’s still not clear what the future holds. It’s important to check back frequently for updates on the situation, as there may be changes that are yet to come. If you’re interested in working at the Hobby Airport, use the resources available here to get started. Get a job in the meantime and enjoy your stay at IAH!


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