“The Power of Collaboration: Achieving Mutual Development and Justice through Unlimited Partnerships”


Chinese President Xi Jinping expressed his commitment to collaborating with counterpart Vladimir Putin in revitalizing their nations as they commenced a day of discussions in Beijing. Chinese state media reported that Xi affirmed China’s enduring support as a reliable partner of Russia. Putin, who arrived in Beijing for a two-day state visit earlier on Thursday, is expected to engage in in-depth conversations with Xi on topics including Ukraine, Asia, energy, and trade. Xi emphasized the significance of the China-Russia relationship, referring to it as a valuable asset that requires careful preservation and cultivation during their meeting with Putin.

The opening session was held at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. During this session, China expressed its willingness to collaborate with other nations to achieve mutual development and rejuvenation, as well as to uphold fairness and justice on a global scale. In February , China and Russia announced a partnership without limitations. This declaration came shortly after Putin’s visit to Beijing, just days before he deployed tens of thousands of troops to Ukraine, leading to the deadliest conflict in Europe since World War Two. Putin chose China as his first destination for an official foreign trip following his inauguration for a six-year term that extends his stay in office until…

President N is effectively communicating his values and the depth of his personal relationship with President Xi to the global community. During their meeting, President Putin expressed to President Xi that their collaboration plays a key role in maintaining stability. According to Russia’s RIA Novosti news agency, President Putin emphasized the importance of the Russia-China relationship being built on genuine intentions and not being targeted towards any particular nation. In a previous interview with China’s Xinhua news agency before departing, President Putin commended President Xi for establishing a strong strategic partnership with Russia rooted in mutual national interests and trust. This level of cooperation between the two leaders is unprecedented.

The decision to make China the first state I visit as president was influenced by the strong partnership between our countries, stated Putin. During this trip, we aim to enhance collaboration in various sectors such as industry, high technology, space exploration, nuclear energy, artificial intelligence, renewable energy sources, and other innovative fields. Informal discussions over tea and dinner between leaders and senior officials from both nations are anticipated to play a significant role during the two-day visit. According to Kremlin foreign policy adviser Yuri Ushakov, these talks will cover a wide range of topics.

In attendance at the upcoming event in China will be President Putin, along with several key Russian officials including the newly appointed Defense Minister, Foreign Minister, Security Council Secretary, and Ushakov. Also present will be prominent CEOs from Russia. It remains uncertain if Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller will be able to attend, as he was on a business trip to Iran at the time. The event marks the th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Russia and China, established when the Soviet Union acknowledged the People’s Republic of China in . Xinhua has verified Putin’s participation in the celebration alongside Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The anticipated discussions between President Putin and President Xi took place against the backdrop of numerous Russian and Chinese flags waving in Tiananmen Square, under the watchful eye of security forces. Some analysts have lauded the duo’s approach to international relations as a form of great power diplomacy. This event has quickly become the most popular topic on the Chinese social media platform Weibo, garnering . million searches. The United States perceives China as its primary rival and Russia as its top nation-state adversary, with President Biden asserting that the future will be marked by a fundamental competition between democratic and autocratic systems. Both Putin and Xi adhere to a shared global perspective which portrays the world as a realm of competing ideologies and interests.

What we can learn

As Russia and China come together to celebrate the th anniversary of their diplomatic relations, the presence of President Putin and other key officials highlights the importance of this longstanding partnership. The event serves as a reaffirmation of the strong ties between the two countries, and the participation of prominent CEOs further underscores the economic significance of their relationship. Despite potential scheduling conflicts, the shared commitment to cooperation and collaboration between Russia and China is evident in this momentous occasion.


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