“The Untold Story of the Manhattan Project: The Realities of the Atomic Age”


A three-hour biographical film that unexpectedly became a billion-dollar success at the box office was awarded the prestigious title of Best Picture at the th Academy Awards, marking a significant moment in director Christopher Nolan’s career. Despite overlooking Nolan for many years, the Oscars made amends by presenting seven awards to his acclaimed biopic, including Best Actor for Cillian Murphy, Best Supporting Actor for Robert Downey Jr., and Best Director for Nolan. By honoring Oppenheimer with its highest recognition, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences accomplished a feat not seen in over ten years.

In an industry dominated by high-budget productions, the film Oppenheimer stood out for its intricate portrayal of J. Robert Oppenheimer and the development of the atomic bomb. Despite the common reliance on superheroes, dinosaurs, or popular actors like Tom Cruise in mainstream cinema, the movie attracted large audiences to theaters with its fission-centered narrative. During his acceptance speech, Murphy emphasized the impact of Oppenheimer’s legacy on our world today and dedicated the film to advocates for peace. Delving into themes of mass destruction and human vulnerability, Oppenheimer overshadowed even the cultural sensation of Barbie as a thought-provoking work of art.

The Oscars held at the prestigious Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles on Sunday were overshadowed by global conflicts in Gaza and Ukraine, as well as the upcoming significant U.S. election. The winning documentaries, Days in Mariupol, and The Zone of Interest, highlighted geopolitical issues, adding a somber tone to the event. Emma Stone’s victory in the best actress category for her role as Bella Baxter in Poor Things was the most anticipated moment of the night, with her performance outshining other contenders.

Gladstone missed the opportunity to make history as the first Native American to win an Academy Award. Instead, voters were captivated by Stone’s powerful portrayal in Poor Things, securing her second Best Actress Oscar after her win for La La Land. This victory solidified Stone’s status as one of the leading actresses of her era at the age of . Joining the ranks of illustrious women such as Katharine Hepburn, Frances McDormand, Ingrid Bergman, and Bette Davis who have won Best Actress multiple times, Stone expressed her emotions by stating, This is truly overwhelming.

The Oscars broadcast on Sunday featured a vibrant and extravagant show with a mix of musical performances, comedy, and political undertones. Host Jimmy Kimmel read out a remark from former president Donald Trump during the event, adding an unexpected twist to the evening. The highlight was a lively rendition of the song I’m Just Ken by Ryan Gosling, accompanied by Slash on guitar, and a chorus of Ken dolls joining them on stage. Director Christopher Nolan, known for his acclaimed films like Inception and Dunkirk, has been a frequent presence at the Academy Ads over the years.

Sunday’s victory at the Academy Awards marks a significant milestone for the -year-old filmmaker. During his acceptance speech, Nolan reflected on the relatively short history of cinema, which has only been around for just over a century. He compared this to the long-established art forms of painting and theater, emphasizing the uncertain future of the film industry. Nolan graciously acknowledged his wife and producer, Emma Thomas, sharing the Best Picture win with her. Additionally, Downey, who had been nominated twice before, finally received his first Oscar, marking a triumphant chapter in his career.

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Overall, the Oscars broadcast this year was a true spectacle, showcasing the best of Hollywood talent and creativity. From the comedic moments to the powerful political statements, the evening was filled with surprises and memorable performances. The unexpected appearance of Donald Trump’s remark and the energetic rendition of I’m Just Ken by Ryan Gosling and Slash added to the entertainment value of the show. With iconic figures like Christopher Nolan in attendance, the Oscars once again proved to be a celebration of cinematic excellence and artistry.


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