A Beginner’s Guide to Enjoying Puerto Rico’s Fantastic Golf Courses


We each possess those indelible locations that leave an enduring mark in our memories: The expanse where you triumphantly scored the decisive goal. The majestic tree beneath which your first romantic embrace occurred. The hallowed ground that bore witness to your matrimonial union, and the edifice that hosted your inaugural collegiate abode. Countless cherished spots that stir profound sentiments within us. In my personal repertoire, a novel addition has taken root: the very place wherein I discovered a profound affection for the game of golf. Its recollection remains vividly etched within my consciousness. I stood upon the verdant turf of an extensive par . Just beyond our immediate vicinity, the Caribbean sea radiated with iridescent splendor. Above us, swaying palm trees danced harmoniously in the gentle caress of a flawless breeze.

the beauty of Puerto Rico’s golf scene? Whether you’re an experienced golfer or just starting out, Puerto Rico offers a remarkable golfing experience that will create lasting memories for you. From the moment I heard the satisfying sound of my ball sinking into the hole, I knew that golf was my calling. My journey to this realization took place in Puerto Rico, a destination that holds a special place in my heart when it comes to golf. Whether you possess a low handicap, are a mid-level player, or someone like me who aspires to improve, Puerto Rico’s golf scene (visit www.discoverpuertorico.comis waiting to provide you with your own unforgettable aha moment. Not only will you enjoy exceptional days on the course, but you will also be left with cherished memories, just like mine. So come, play your game, and immerse yourself in the unparalleled charm of Puerto Rico’s golfing paradise.

Consider experiencing the wonders of beauty as well. Opt for a golf journey to Puerto Rico, an American territory that offers a delightful bonus of utilizing the official currency – the American dollar. Moreover, English is widely spoken, eliminating the need for a passport. Puerto Rico’s introduction to the sport of golf occurred later than in the rest of America. In , their inaugural course emerged, alluring players with its unique greens made from sand and coconut oil. Subsequently, during World War II, the influx of military personnel contributed significantly to the growth of golf on the island. Presently, Puerto Rico boasts approximately exceptional courses and proudly hosts the prestigious PGA’s Puerto Rico Open event.

Spring is a highly sought-after destination in the Caribbean for golf enthusiasts due to various factors. The elimination of sand greens, although it would be amusing to experiment with them, has been replaced by flawlessly maintained greens and fairways. These courses are designed by world-class professionals, offering remarkable views from every angle. Additionally, Spring boasts an array of culinary delights, refreshing beverages, extensive exploration opportunities within its vast rainforest, exciting water sports, and exceptional accommodations. Furthermore, Spring’s consistent and mild climate further enhances its appeal, with average yearly temperatures ranging between – degrees Fahrenheit, and occurrences of heavy rainfall are infrequent (primarily in August).

During my visit to play golf in PR, the anticipation of facing challenging conditions made me apprehensive. I confided in a friend about my lack of expertise, but he assured me that there was no need to worry; everything would become clear once I arrived. His words were proven true. Although PR boasts some enigmatic and inventive courses and holes, the impeccable condition of their courses was surprisingly easier to upkeep compared to other global locations, thanks to the favorable climate. This factor contributed to a forgiving experience overall. Notably, the renowned TPC Dorado Beach East Course (https://tpc.com/doradobeach/east-course), where Laurence S. Rockefeller once cast his discerning eye, exemplified this trend.

steps and be in the midst of a lush green golf course, I was thoroughly impressed by the persuasive efforts employed to convince the previous proprietors, who were actively engaged in coconut cultivation and exportation while cherishing the pristine environment, to accommodate the construction of a golf course. The elevated holes that offered captivating vistas of the ocean, the lower ones that gracefully embraced the sandy shoreline, as well as the awe-inspiring cloud formations courtesy of the Chamber of Commerce that adorned the sky, resonated deeply with me. The unwavering commitment of the golf course towards preserving nature is truly commendable, and the exceptional transformation undertaken on the East Course under the skillful guidance of Robert Trent Jones Jr. (whose father held the role of the original architectis nothing short of transcendental.

In Summary

In conclusion, my initial concerns about my lack of expertise in golfing in Puerto Rico were quickly dispelled once I arrived. The courses in PR, despite their enigmatic and inventive designs, were surprisingly easy to maintain due to the favorable climate. This factor, along with the impeccable condition of the courses, contributed to an overall forgiving experience. Notably, the TPC Dorado Beach East Course, which was once scrutinized by Laurence S. Rockefeller, exemplified the trend of well-maintained and enjoyable golf courses in Puerto Rico. Whether you are a seasoned golfer or a novice like me, Puerto Rico’s golfing scene offers an unforgettable and accessible experience for all.


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