A Journey Through Ukraine’s Eurovision History – How it Brought Immigrants Together


This weekend’s Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Liverpool, a city that is infused with Ukrainian culture. The event promises to provide displaced Ukrainians with a semblance of home in the form of free music, glittering sequins, and sparkling lights. For the first time in years, the UK is hosting this popular music competition on behalf of Ukraine, which won last year. The organizers of the event are fully committed to making it a grand celebration of the spirit and culture of Ukraine.

“From the Eurovision village to the Eurovision celebration, my life has been immersed in all things Eurovision,” expressed Daryna Borodaikevych, a -year-old who is one of over , Ukrainian immigrants who have relocated to the UK since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine about months ago. “Music has united my entire existence,” she added, echoing the motto for this year’s Eurovision competition. The live final show of the contest at the Liverpool Arena on Saturday was designed to have a distinct Ukrainian touch. Co-hosted by Julia Sanina, a Ukrainian singer, the show will also include performances by Kalush Orchestra, last year’s Eurovision winner, and other Ukrainian performers. Photos.

total of performances by acts from various nations across Europe and beyond will be preceded by Ukraine. In light of the current circumstances, it is hoped that this event will bring a sense of joy and happiness to homes and families in Ukraine. Eurovision, being the largest musical celebration in Europe, has garnered the attention of thousands of music enthusiasts who have travelled to Liverpool, the winning city from among several contenders in the UK. This city alongside the River Mersey has embraced the festivities with numerous pubs and venues hosting Eurovision-themed parties. Various businesses have also joined in on the celebrations by displaying blue and yellow Ukrainian flags.

At the Eurovision semifinal on Thursday, attendees were treated to traditional Ukrainian cuisine such as borsch soup and potato-filled dumplings, while also being educated on Ukrainian art and history. The event exuded a welcoming atmosphere that made Iryna Schcerbuk, a -year-old from Kyiv who now resides in southeast England, feel right at home. However, one notable absence was President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who had requested to make a video address during Saturday’s contest final but was declined by Eurovision organizers. The European Broadcasting Union, which oversees the competition, cited their decision as a result of strict rules against political messages or propaganda.

The European Broadcasting Union management has declined Zelenskyy’s request to deliver a speech to the audience at the Eurovision Song Contest due to it being in violation of event regulations. Despite the Ukrainian President’s intentions being commendable, the organization cannot accommodate his proposal. Zelenskyy’s spokesperson, Sergii Nykyforov, refuted claims that the president had made such a request for an online performance during the final, which is expected to draw million viewers. Thus, the Office of the President of Ukraine did not contact the Eurovision Song Contest organizers with such an offer.

Nykyforov stated on social media that Zelenskyy’s participation is paramount in the present stage of the competition. The Ukrainian President, during Russia’s invasion, has participated in numerous global events to advocate for his nation’s cause. He has addressed legislative bodies globally through video conferencing and a handful of times in person. Additionally, he has spoken to audiences at various international events, including Glastonbury music festival, the Grammy Awards, and the Berlin Film Festival. However, Ukraine alleges that Zelenskyy was not authorized to speak at the Academy Awards in March, and FIFA, the governing body for international soccer, rejected his request for a video message to the World Cup.

Learninng Outcome

In conclusion, while it would have been exciting for Ukrainian President Zelenskyy to address the Eurovision Song Contest audience, the rules and regulations of the event prevent this from happening. Although the President’s team denied making a proposal for an online performance during the final, it is clear that Zelenskyy’s good intentions were hindered by the contest’s strict guidelines. Despite this setback, we can still look forward to an amazing event and celebrate the talented artists from around the world who are participating in this year’s competition.


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