Frugal Fun: Low-Cost Entertainment in San Antonio


San Antonio, with its cheap cost of living, an excellent standard of living and thriving economic growth, is a wonderful location to live in. It is located in South Central Texas, this city is an extremely popular tourism destination that is expanding quickly.

It is said that the Alamo City is one of the most cost-effective cities to be in the United States to start a enterprise, according to an analysis by Clever Real Estate. It is also ranked high for startup density, growth and investments.

1. Von Ormy

Von Ormy, despite its tiny size, is one of the most affordable cities in the country. The city is known as a “liberty city” it has phased out its property tax and relies on the revenue from sales taxes franchise fees, sales taxes, and various permits to pay for its municipal services.

The neighborhood is small and intimate, which makes it a great living space. There are also plenty of activities for active retirees within the region.

2. Natalia

San Antonio is one of the most sought-after places to reside in Texas. Housing costs are affordable and the economy makes it an appealing option for young families, professionals and those who are retired.

A new study from Filterbuy’s has proven that San Antonio is the US’s most economically-friendly major metropolitan area. This is a 17.4 percent growth in the past 10 years Alamo City was ranked fourteenth.

3. China Grove

If you’re looking for an unhurried, tranquil bedroom community within easy reach of San Antonio, consider China Grove. This idyllic neighborhood of 1,200 people covers a mere 4.1-acres situated on US Highway 87, nine miles east from downtown.

It’s a spot where cattle graze, children play outdoors and families bond. But despite its rural charm, China Grove is only 4 miles away from a vast selection of dining options and retail stores.

4. New Braunfels

New Braunfels, located just 40 minutes to the north of San Antonio is the ideal area to have a child. The town’s German-Texan heritage is why it has its charming, old-fashioned appeal.

This is an ideal location for tourists and people seeking an affordable alternative to the big city. The cost of homes sold is two to three times cheaper than major cities on the coastline.

5. Boerne

In a new Kiplinger study, San Antonio is the most affordable city in America. The ranking is based on the cost of living comparision between the major cities between 2010 and 2020.

Boerne, Texas is another excellent place to live. It’s close to San Antonio but offers the quiet of a small-town feel that buyers are looking for.

6. Schertz

An excellent blend of big city facilities and a small-town experience, Schertz is an affordable choice for people seeking to live close to San Antonio and New Braunfels.

Compared to the national average the costs for living at Schertz are affordable on everything including utilities and groceries to housing and transportation. In addition, it pays lower tax rates than other cities in Texas as well as throughout the nation.

7. San Marcos

If you’re looking for the perfect place to start your family, look no further than San Marcos. This town in the middle of nowhere is the ideal spot for you and your family due to the low cost of housing and solid educational infrastructure.

Palmer’s Restaurant in historic west San Marcos has an impressive wine and beer menu as well as a beautiful plant-filled courtyard. It is the Texas Hill Country’s Texas Hill Country Cuisine combines Southern favourites along with Southwest influence.

8. Live Oak

Live oaks Quercus virginiana (Quercus virginiana) is among the most popular trees in South. They are long-lived and gorgeous. They also provide an important habitat for numerous animals and plants.

They’re also super tough and sturdy, making they a fantastic option for your yard. However, they can be filthy and could drop acorns or moos.

9. New Braunfels

It is situated at the confluence between two rivers, the Comal as well as the Guadalupe Rivers, New Braunfels is a delightful town, dotted with historic and beautiful structures. The Wurstfest Festival celebrates the town’s Tex-German cultural heritage every year.

New Braunfels has many things to offer visitors, like the museums as well as river cruises. New Braunfels is also home to numerous microbreweries. The Hill Country Craft Beer Trail is an assortment of fifteen local Breweries.

10. Schertz

The price to live in Alamo City is much lower than the other Texas cities or national destinations despite its fame. Actually, it’s one of the least expensive cities in America.

Schertz is where you can find a substantial percentage of homeowners. Homes are sold at less than $150,000. This is a great location for families with military to live near Randolph Air Force Base.


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