AAA Texas survey indicates travel will be popular beyond Labor Day: 5 tips for traveling on a budget


In a recent report, the Texas tourism industry predicted that summer visitation would eclipse all of 2016. The report was released by the Texas Division of Tourism and is based on data from both online and in-person visits to the state during the past two years. The report found that between May 1st and September 15th, total visitor numbers were up 8% statewide and 9% in Travis County alone.If you’re looking to experience some of the most beautiful and historic places in Texas this summer, be sure to check out these reports!

Texas tourism industry predicts record summer visitation.

The Texas tourism industry is a collection of businesses and individuals that work to bring tourists to the Lone Star State. The industry includes lodging, food, travel, and attractions. The benefits of visiting Texas include the variety of cultures represented in the state, as well as its natural beauty and historical significance. This year, Texas is expected to see record visitation – more people are expected to come to the state this summer than ever before.

Texas tourism industry predictions for summer visitation.

The Texas tourism industry is predicting record summer visitation this year. according to a study released in February, the state will see an estimated 1.3 million tourists come through its borders this summer. This includes visitors from all over the world, with Europe and Canada expected to lead the way. The most popular attractions in Texas this year are likely to be its museums and landmarks, as well as its vast cowboy culture.What attractions will be the most popular in Texas this yearIn terms of attractions, the Texas tourism industry predicts that Houston and Dallas will each experience record-breaking tourist numbers this summer. In Houston,Thousands of people are expected to visit the city during the July 4th weekend; while in Dallas, it is anticipated that tens of thousands of people will flock to area beaches for a hot day on the water. both cities are known for their rich history and cultural significance, making them ideal destinations for tourists looking for a unique perspective on American history.Subsection 2.3 What type of visitor will be most interested in visitingTexas this year?According to the study, tourists who are looking for something different may prefer visits to Austin or Corpus Christi – two of the state’s largest populous cities – as they offer a wide range of activities and experiences not found elsewhere in Texas. As well, visitors from other parts of America may find interest in visiting Texas while living here – because many Texans are proud citizens who appreciate their country’s traditions and culture more than anything else!

Tips for planning your Texas visit.

It’s not too late to visit Texas in the summer! If you want to enjoy all of the state has to offer, plan your trip during the busiest months – July and August – when temperatures are hot and popular attractions are open.Texas tourism industry predictions show that record summer visitation is on the horizon. So if you want to make sure you get a good deal on Texas holidays, be sure to book your travel early! In addition, be sure to plan your trip in advance by checking out our online vacation planner or visiting one of our local tourist information centers.


Texas tourism is a great way to enjoy a summer vacation in one of the most beautiful states in the United States. The state offers many attractions, including some of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. However, planning your trip in advance can save you a lot of money on holiday prices and make your trip more enjoyable. Get ahead of the competition by choosing the right time of year to visit Texas, getting a good deal on state holidays, and planning your trip toTexas in advance. Thanks for reading!


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