Breaking Down the Benefits of Contravisory Investment Management Inc


Contravisory Investment Management Inc offers the services of financial planning to its clients. The firm offers financial planning solutions to many different customers, which includes institutional and high-net-worth investors , as well those with high net worth.

The firm’s assets amount to $549.5million The firm is responsible for 468 accounts. The majority of the accounts belong to high net wealth clients.

Frank Noonan

Frank Noonan serves as a director at Contravisory Investment Management Inc. The head office of this registered SEC company is within Norwell Massachusetts. The company manages 550 million dollars in 468 customer accounts.

Noonan is licensed to offer financial planning and portfolio management for private businesses, individuals and investment pools. The fees charged will vary based on the services offered. These may comprise fees that are fixed, asset-based or fees based on performance.

More than 25 years of experience in the finance industry which includes a variety of companies like Fidelity Investments or Scudder Funds.

The LTA’s coach, creator , and facilitator position is in which he contributes his professional knowledge and expertise. Through adapting to and responding to the needs of each individual participant and preferences, he facilitates learning and offers challenging and pertinent information. He is certified in Neuro-Linguistic programming and the Hay Group’s Emotional Competence Index, and Prince 2 project management.

Matthew Sullivan

Contravisory Investment Management Inc, an advisory firm for financial services, located within Norwell Massachusetts is known as Contravisory Investment Management Inc. It manages assets worth $550,000,000 as well as 468 client accounts.

The company provides a range of portfolio management services, including as well as asset allocation and portfolio management for institutions. Services for security rating are also provided by the company.

Matthew Sullivan is an employee since the year 2007. Matthew Sullivan is our chief compliance officer and is in charge of the day-to-day operations.

Sullivan has graduated from Canisius College, Buffalo, New York. He holds an undergraduate degree in Management of Business. The family he lives in is Kingston, Massachusetts.

Bill was an employee of Contravisory Investment Management employee in 1995. Bill has over 25 years of experience working in the financial business, with a particular focus on equity investment. The clients he serves include high net worth family members and individuals, and institutional investors. The high performance of his portfolio is due to his involvement in the committee for investment.

Bill O’Brien

Bill O’Brien, a business litigator, utilizes his law experience to help resolve complicated financial transactions like purchase of stock, loans, acquisitions , and breaches of fiduciary obligations. The firm represents its clients in civil suits against public accounting firms that not conducted their audits properly.

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