“From Gallery Walls to Virtual Worlds: The Evolution of Experiencing Art”


Upon entering the entrance of the new multimedia art exhibition titled Three Dimensions by Jennifer Marman and Daniel Borins, one might question their presence in such a location. The vastness of the space, combined with its austere ambiance, resembles a futuristic shelter designed to shield visitors from the threat of airborne debris caused by artillery fire. However, upon closer inspection, the initial burst of color captivates attention: vibrant paintings depicting block-like figures adorn the sides of the first room’s pristine white walls. In the center, an enormous Minimalist cube stands stoically, surrounded by an atmosphere of fantastical arcade elements, highlighted by a bulky crane suspended from above. As visitors explore further, the museumgoers transcend their mere spectator role and become active participants in the artistic experience.

In the realm of artistry, creators are bestowed with the power to shape the present, exercising their discernment by manipulating a joystick that directs the centralized overhead mechanics of existence. Through this process, they assemble countless permutations of felt-clad modules resembling Lego blocks and forge them into abstract constructs and recognizable figures below. While these outcomes may bear semblance to two-dimensional depictions adorning gallery walls, they exist as tangible three-dimensional objects, inviting museum patrons to fashion their own narrative by engaging with them on solid ground. The exhibition space’s aptly named interactive installation, Balancing Act, suggests an intriguing interplay between our role as passive observers and the active participants in life’s grand performance.

and excitement in our stomachs. The title Daily not only represents the routine tasks we engage in every day, but it also symbolizes the intricate balance we strive to achieve between various aspects of our lives.

In our fast-paced and chaotic existence, we find ourselves constantly juggling between moments of rest and work, human connections and technological interactions, the nostalgia of the past and the urgency of the present, progress and the risk of exploitation, abstract concepts and tangible experiences, observation and self-identity.

Among the captivating components that constitute this exhibition, two notable works stand out: the mesmerizing THX, which immerses us in a heightened realm of reflections and illusions, and the spectacular ABCD, an amalgamation of virtual reality and sleight-of-hand tricks that leave us in awe. Marman and Borins, as a team, skillfully craft a vibrant universe filled with marvels that challenge our very perception.

I was enlightened upon my realization that the Centennial Planetarium, formerly situated in downtown Calgary, now serves as a museum space showcasing artworks pertaining to the technological revolution, virtual communications, mind control, artificial intelligence, and the surveillance state in Three Dimensions. The exhibition exudes an amalgamation of a kids’ science museum and a lively carnival funhouse ambiance. Such an atmosphere is deliberately curated to captivate audiences through vibrant illuminations, captivating hues, and interactive gaming experiences. Consequently, visitors are encouraged to actively participate by raising inquiries, thereby acquiring knowledge that expands their perspective and broadens their horizons.

Artists have ingeniously developed a wide-ranging exhibition that addresses the awe-inspiring advancements of technology while also acknowledging its potential challenges. In a distinctive manner, this show facilitates a form of reconciliation between us, vulnerable humans, and the numerous machines we have brought into existence since the onset of the initial Industrial Revolution. However, let us approach this presentation methodically, dissecting each installation, one at a time. Our focus has always been on creating immersive environments, captivating narratives, and showcasing the richness of history. We present our work in a playful manner, purposely challenging the expectations of our audience. Nevertheless, it is ultimately the exploration of historical themes that lies at the core of our artistic endeavor. – Jennifer Marman. Upon leaving the Balancing Act exhibit, visitors will not merely witness the impressive fusion of human creativity and technological innovation, but truly comprehend the profound impact of history upon our modern existence.

Today, we refer to ourselves as viewers and venture forth into a lengthy rectilinear chamber housing the mesmerizing and technologically advanced THX installation. Adjacent to this space, a small dimly lit theater showcases a companion video exposition, providing a succinct introduction. Taking a seat upon a bench within this area, I am treated to a visual spectacle of vibrant animated collisions between modernist triangular forms, orbs, and waves. Concurrently, tranquil audio aphorisms elucidating the effects of pacological experimentation resonate in my ears. Experiencing a slight sense of disorientation, I depart and reenter the expansive room, where I promptly settle down once more onto a yellow swivel chair reminiscent of the s. Positioned at a white circular Scandinavian table, I secure a humorous pink accessory that represents an updated version of a stepped object.

Learninng Outcome

As visitors leave the Balancing Act exhibit, they will carry with them not only a sense of awe for the impressive fusion of human creativity and technological innovation, but also a deep understanding of the profound impact of history on our modern existence. Jennifer Marman and her team have succeeded in creating immersive environments, captivating narratives, and challenging our expectations, all in service of exploring historical themes. Through their playful approach, they have invited us to delve deeper into the significance of our past and appreciate the intricate web of connections between history and contemporary society. The Balancing Act exhibit is a testament to the power of art to enlighten and inspire, leaving a lasting imprint on all who experience it.


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