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The multitalented apex Aquarius and global phenomenon, Shakira, has recently released her shade heavy anthem “BZRP Music Sessions #”, fresh off a separation from soccer player Gerard Pique and with new revelations about his infidelity. Her lyrical wisdom is highlighted in the declaration that a “she-wolf like me is not for rookies.” Preaching to those who deserve her talent, she continues to astound with her expansive list of hits, stunning looks, fiery fashion, and iconic choreography.

Lady Gaga, a renowned pop goddess, has established an incomparable niche in the global entertainment industry due to her extraordinary Superbowl performance. In accordance with her astrological sign, she continues to drive and inspire those around her with her optimistic outlook towards the future. On top of that, her latest chart-topping hit single and potential relocation to Miami have set the stage for even more accomplishments and romantic encounters. Undoubtedly, our beloved queen is yet to experience her greatest successes.

It is evident that Shakira, whose birthdate was on February , , has incredible potency, as indicated by her birth chart. Her Sun sign is Aquarius, renowned for its boldness and resilience, in conjunction with a Cancer Moon, possessing a deep sensitivity. Although her exact time of birth has yet to be officially certified, we can still analyse the elemental forces at play in her chart. Notably, Shakira’s composition is comprised of a dominant presence of Earth and Fire elements; this explains the impressive power and lustre she radiates. Additionally, the combination of these two forces give her an inner strength and tenacity necessary to convert her immense passion into captivating charisma.

Upon analysing the key themes in her birth chart, it is clear that Shakira exhibits the focus and concentration needed to prevail in any situation. Her Sun, ruling her life force, is demonstrated by connections to all of the outer planets. In astrology, the outer planets are known as social planets and have substantial impacts on one’s experience. Shakira’s Sun is precisely opposite Saturn, portraying a unique ambition prompting her to leave a lasting impression.

Characterised by strong resolve and determined focus, they are never willing to compromise. Their Sun linked to Uranus creates an individual of eccentricity and unconventionality, a true nonconformist in their singularity and autonomy. They live for the liberties that life has to offer and cannot be contained. Subsequently, their Sun’s alignment with Neptune brings forth an airy, unworldly persona that mesmerizes others. They have the capacity to change their mystique based on how people and nations may perceive them. A visionary creator, they use their body, mind, and speech to enrapture those around them. Finally, their Sun’s conjunction with Pluto endows them with immense willpower and tenacity.

She is a force to be reckoned with, capable of commanding the admiration and recognition of those around her. Her intensity permeates all aspects of her life, from her relationships to her pursuits. Moreover, her Sun in connection with Jupiter bestows her with both great fortune and favor, as well as the capability to exude a hearty and faithful character. Additionally, with her Moon closely entwined with various heavenly bodies, her emotions take precedence in her life. In particular, her Moon’s opposition to Mars requires her strive for autonomy and prompts her to stand up for herself should her feelings be hurt. Fortunately, her Moon’s alliance with other planets also brings her plenty of serenity and contentment.

Learninng Outcome

Ultimately, it is safe to say that an individual whose Sun is aligned with these three powerful planets will live a life of unconventionality and autonomy. They will have a captivating personality and use their body, mind, speech, and willpower to change their lives, while also mesmerizing those around them. Such an individual can be a revolutionary visionary and will surely make a lasting impression on the world.


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