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My party of two had the pleasure of visiting Dolly Parton’s Stampede, a celebrated dinner show located in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. We spent a total of $ on our three-course prix fixe meals; while this was pricier than expected, we thoroughly enjoyed our meals and were enthralled by the live entertainment. As an experienced theme-park journalist, I would happily recommend Dolly Parton’s Stampede to anyone looking for an enjoyable evening out in the vicinity of Dollywood.

Dolly Parton’s Stampede, located in Branson, Missouri, was inspired by the country singer’s nostalgic recollections of spending time with her family around the kitchen table. This experience boasts a live show, as well as a multicourse meal served in an arena, and is operational for many years. For dinner, admission to Dolly Parton’s Stampede is priced at $. for adults and $. for children from ages to . Reservations may be made beforehand on the website, over the phone, or directly at the box office. To our astonishment, we were able to visit the horses just before their performance began.

Prior to check-in, we were afforded the unique opportunity to visit the open-air stables housing the horses of the Horse Walk, a stimulating prelude to the featured performance. This proved to be an unforgettable prelude to the evening’s activities, and when we arrived at the large saloon, we elected to arrive early in order to fully bask in the atmosphere of the multi-leveled space that served as a waiting area for prospective diners. The Western-style ambiance was quite remarkable, featuring ample seating options as well as various elements that immersed one in the culture of the period.

We were immersed in a truly unique experience when we encountered the interactive audio-animatronic characters, as well as a self-playing piano, allowing us to feel as though we had temporarily stepped into an old-time frontier town. This was a particularly pleasurable space to explore and made the wait much more bearable. In addition, I took it upon myself to purchase one of the establishment’s signature boot-shaped cups. The saloon housed a bar which served a substantial selection of beer, cocktails, and moonshine; therefore, I did not refrain from acquiring a souvenir by ordering another of the aforesaid glasses. Subsequently, we proceeded to the ,-square-foot arena for dinner and the show.

We were presented with a unique opportunity to experience an exclusive prix fixe menu, complete with an appetizer, entrée and dessert, complemented by unlimited soft drinks and iced teas. The feast was Southern-style, with each course deliciously prepared to perfection. We were seated in an oval formation that enabled us to have a perfect view of the live show at its center. The servers provided convenience in bringing all the dishes to our seats, allowing us to savor the show while we ate. To begin our meal, we enjoyed the renowned creamy soup, accompanied by a warm, freshly-made biscuit.

The exquisite and delectable soup constituted the impeccable precursor, being neither too heavy or too light. In keeping with the Old West theme, utensils were eschewed in favour of a large-handled bowl for each guest. The popularity of the dish has extended so far as to offer a selection from the gift shop. A magnificent collection of live performances, ranging from aerial routines to horseback riding, was an invaluable highlight of the evening. We were able to witness a show of music, narrative and live performers, alongside an ensemble of horses, while partaking in our meal in the arena. The horsemanship demonstrated by the incredibly adept performers was truly astounding.

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From beginning to end, the ultimate experience in Southern cuisine was truly an unforgettable occasion. The delicious courses combined with the excellent service and live show created an atmosphere that provided lasting satisfaction. We were lucky to have had such a unique and luxurious experience, with each course prepared to perfection. We were privileged to have enjoyed a meal of such extraordinary quality that we shall remember fondly for years to come.


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