DIY Skincare Solutions to Unlock Radiant Skin with DamDam Founder Giselle Go


Giselle Go, the founder of J-Beauty skincare line DamDam, previously served as the editor in chief of Harper’s Bazaar Singapore for a duration of four years. This profession led her from her native city Manila, Philippines to Singapore, China, and eventually Tokyo, Japan where she developed a deep appreciation for J-Beauty. Although all three cities vary greatly with corresponding climates, Giselle grew up in the tropical Philippines where summer persisted throughout the year, making her skin more susceptible to environmental and temperature changes. She recognizes the importance of listening to one’s skin’s needs before identifying the appropriate products to use.

My physical well-being and its upkeep are subject to seasonal fluctuations or voyages undertaken. Upon relocating to Japan, Go encountered harsh winters that exacerbated her skin’s dryness. Fortunately, Go’s adept understanding as a magazine editor enabled her to discover an apt skincare regimen. She habitually employs hydration layering with varied textures such as essence, oils, serums, and creams. Conversely, summers in Japan are scorching and muggy, compelling individuals to bask outdoors by the sea or in the garden. Thus, lightweight products and sunscreen application take precedence during this period.

and approach beauty. It’s not just about applying products, but it’s also about the rituals and practices we have in our daily lives.”

The genesis of DamDam can be traced back to Go’s realization that she couldn’t find any beauty products that aligned with the intentional rituals and ingredients of J-Beauty without harmful chemicals melting into her eyes. Having been inspired by Japanese practices such as osoji and mochi hada, which involve deep cleaning and achieving bouncy, plump skin, respectively, Go embarked on a mission to create a J-Beauty line based on clean and heritage ingredients. Holistically approaching self-care due to her upbringing with traditional Chinese medicine, Go imparted the importance of both product application and daily rituals in the pursuit of beauty.

Month, we want to highlight the importance of holistic health and the significance of Asian representation in the beauty industry. DamDam serves as a prime example of how clean skincare can have a positive impact on overall wellbeing. With a focus on ingredients, product design, and ritualistic practice, our brand aims to achieve a full integration of the mind, body, and environment. Our hope is that this model will inspire more Asian-owned businesses to flourish in this space and contribute to a more diverse and inclusive industry.

My goal is to promote Asian and AAPI-owned brands that align with our values of expertise and self-care, she states. Our objective is to raise aeness about the contributions, artistry, practices, and exclusive perspectives that we bring as owners of Asian brands. In this article for Glamour’s Drop the Routine, Giselle Go discloses her preference for J-Beauty products and gives away the secret to achieving moisturized and plump rice cake skin. For my cleansing process, I use Silk Rice Cleansing Oil and Nomad’s Cream Purifying Cleanser for double cleansing. Using a cleansing oil to dissolve makeup and a gentle exfoliating scrub to hydrate my skin is my go-to routine. This particular product has a physical exfoliant known as…

The Rice Drops Balancing Oil Serum is a delightful overnight treatment that both smoothens and hydrates, as it permeates deep into the skin tissue. It imbues my skin with moisture, leaving it soft and supple to the touch. The Mochi Mochi Luminous Cream is an excellent moisturizer that works wonders on my dry skin. It provides the right balance of rich nourishment and lightweight finish, making it perfect for everyday use under makeup. For days when I need extra nurturing and pampering, I apply Skin Mud Pure Mask. It rejuvenates my complexion, giving it a fresh, radiant glow that lasts throughout the day.

What we can learn

In conclusion, as we continue to embrace diversity and inclusivity in the beauty industry, it is important to recognize and celebrate the unique perspectives and practices of Asian-owned brands. Giselle Go’s J-Beauty routine and her recommendation of the Silk Rice Cleansing Oil and Nomad’s Cream Purifying Cleanser for achieving rice cake skin highlights the effectiveness of Asian beauty products. By incorporating these products into our own routines, we not only achieve beautiful skin but also support and uplift the voices of Asian creators in the beauty industry. Let us continue to learn from and appreciate the diversity that Asian-owned brands bring to the table.


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