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It is predicted that since the onset of the pandemic, Airbnb has been making strides to break past records as its user base continually increases over the years. A video from a former Airbnb report was released in order to showcase this development. As we move into , it appears another strong year lies ahead for this platform. Following a period of suspension during the pandemic, Airbnb is redoubling its efforts in providing “Airbnb Experiences” enabling guests to reserve not only their stay, but interesting activities as well. CEO Brian Chesky publicly declared modifications to the fee structure aimed at making it more transparent and also reducing check out tasks, which may further improve the user-friendliness of the platform.

As the new year is quickly approaching, now is the time to start planning your globetrotting journey. According to Airbnb’s top trends for , searches on their platform suggest that far-flung tropical destinations remain highly sought after, indicating that post-pandemic revenge travel is still a driving factor for many travelers seeking to go the extra distance. To aid in booking these exciting destinations while getting the most value out of their platform, here are some money-saving hacks you can make use of.

It is unsurprising that multiple cities can be found in the top ten, with many of them being renowned for their scenic seaside landscapes. Occupying the highest spot on the list is Málaga, a city situated on Spain’s southern shore. Málaga is the birthplace of Picasso and has an array of historical monuments, including Phonecian castles, medieval cathedrals, Arabic fortresses and Roman theaters. Every August, the Feria de Málaga takes place – a traditional celebration featuring fireworks, bullfights, flamenco and processions devoted to its patron saint. During this time, the streets are populated with people from morning until night.

Trailing in the wake of first position to ‘Down Under’, the second spot is held by Sydney, Australia; a highly sought after location for its picturesque beaches and beautiful cityscapes. Third place is given to Melbourne, Australia; known as the coffee mecca, while Auckland of neighbouring New Zealand earns fourth spot; also referred to as the City of Sails. Lastly, fifth position is proudly taken by Bangkok, Thailand – a city famous for its unique vibrant street life, exquisite temples, and renowned cuisine. Its popularity amongst tourists in Southeast Asia has been established over several years; however, with the recent increase in travel bookings to Thailand boosting occupancy rates out of pandemic lows, Bangkok has certainly reverted to its former prominence.

Standing in seventh and eighth position are Florianópolis and Porto Seguro, two picturesque sea-adjacent locations in Brazil. Ninth is held by Perth, Australia; a city known for being the most geographically remote on the globe, with one of the world’s largest metropolitan parks which is bigger than that of Central Park in New York City. Concluding the list, in tenth spot is Salvador in Brazil, famous for its Portuguese colonial architecture and Afro-Brazilian culture.
Aland has acquired first place as a beloved retreat of thrill-seekers due to its plentiful offerings of extreme sports and other outdoor activities in New Zealand’s South Island.

Despite offering a real delight, the Airbnb platform used to be cheaper. However, during the pandemic, the average one-night stay in the US surpassed that of a hotel room. Nevertheless, there are several hacks guests can use to drag the price back down, such as filtering for newly-listed places which hosts typically list for less in order to entice their first guests and good reviews. By taking advantage of these underpriced properties, you can likely find a satisfactory place just as pleasant as hotels.


In conclusion, the list of the world’s most popular getaways for thrill-seekers showcases some of the most beautiful and unique locations on earth. From Aland in New Zealand to Salvador in Brazil, these stunning places have something for everyone from extreme sports to historical sites. Whether you are looking for an adventure or just a peaceful retreat, you’ll find it on this list of beloved getaway destinations for thrill-seekers around the world.


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