Examining the Impact of Best Buy Store Closures on Local Economies


To shift towards an omnichannel approach, Best Buy will close around 30 of its largest stores. This restructuring is taking place to accommodate the growing popularity of services such as in-store pick-up and ship-from-store.

The new technologies are helping stay Best Buy in business. Best Buy also will be restructuring its operations in order to compete with Amazon as well as other retailers on the internet.

Customer Service

One of the most renowned retailers across the nation, Best Buy has shuttered around 30 of its larger locations as it works to change its strategic omnichannel approach to make it more competitive with Amazon. In the words of Pioneer Press’ Tom Webb this move came about following Stephen Gillett, former Starbucks CIO has joined Best Buy to improve its mobile strategy. It’s also an effort to reduce its brick and mortar footprint.

The retailer is expected to increase its digital capabilities as also enhancing customer support services such as online and in-store pickup. They have also improved their customer service to accommodate customer’s specific needs in technology.

Best Buy is a market top performer in offering an all-encompassing experience across its physical, online as well as home-based stores. This helps it distinguish itself from its tech-nonchalant rivals. Its highly trained staff, skilled Geek Squad and in-home advisors offer a customer service experience which is difficult to duplicate from Amazon.

Online Sales

Best Buy has successfully fended away Amazon in the electronics for consumers sector, but its omnichannel offers aren’t without a few issues. When Best Buy tries to expand its bricks-and-mortar stores interruptions in supply chain have hampered the sales during the holidays and rendered its business less competitive Amazon.

Despite the negative effect of supply issues on the sales of Best Buy’s website However, the business has developed an effective omnichannel strategy that makes use of the stores’ 983 locations. Geek Squad uses these stores as fulfillment centers as well as customer service centres, and customers are able pick-up or return their items from the store.

After the latest COVID-19 outbreak, Best Buy nimbly shifted to curbside pickup of online purchases in order to keep up with demand from customers and sales on eCommerce have risen. But it’s too late to assess the severity of the effects. It also introduced Totaltech memberships which may help in the fight against the declining electronics sales following the epidemic. Membership members are able to interact with the company more frequently and spend more than those who are not members. This also leads to longer-lasting relationships with customers, which will generate more revenue over the long run.

In-Store Pickup

The company plans to shut down the doors of up to 30 stores , as it shifts its focus to smaller, sexier shops. They will also commit 200 million to re-set and maintain its existing sites. It’s all about creating a positive customer experience. However, this isn’t cheap. One of the greatest difficulties is how to maximize the use of every square foot of space as well as at the same increasing sales by at minimum 10% or more. In order to achieve this, Best Buy is going small, introducing a slew of new stores with smaller footprints and also repurposing some to be used for different purposes. This is a basic, but highly effective strategy which will ensure that Best Buy is able to compete more effectively against Amazon and other big online companies.


Best Buy is shuttering up to 30 of its larger locations as it moves to omnichannel. Chief Executive Corie Barry says the retailer is looking at its physical presence in a new way.

This company relied heavily on sales from its stores for its online venture, but has now reduced its workforce. It recently laid off 55,000 employees who were full-time and moving more jobs to part-time.

However, the change is a necessary one for the retailer who must cater to increasing demand from consumers. The company launched in 2021 an experiment of digital-first, small-format stores that are about 15 percent smaller than traditional 35-40,000-square-foot Best Buy places and adopt a different method of operation.

This approach is best as inventory can be integrated across different channels. Inventory and orders could later be allocated to the closest storefront. It also enables your employees in the warehouse to see where your the inventory is at any given moment, which translates into better planning and distribution.


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