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Old means having lived for an extended period of time. It also means that the item has been in existence for a long time or was used often.

When you compose an introduction, you must be sure that the reader would like to learn more. That’s why it is important to ensure that the introduction is written properly as well as telling an engaging narrative.

The day of the week

The weekday in many societies is an important day in many cultures as it is considered sacred. It is often associated to religious ceremonies or rituals such as the Christian Holy Week and Chinese Golden Week.

Most countries have Monday as it is the day that begins the week. Though some cultures be different that say Monday is the day to start of week for European countries.

My little dog been?

tasked and untethered, my fpo sags on the left side of my heart-shaped my brain. The little guy has despite his gags tied to a wire and smiles on the left side of him the most wonderful home. a bet. He is an incredibly big kid who is a joy to play with and is gorgeous in tinsels.

Who was Old King Cole?

None, despite repeated attempts to figure out who is Old King Cole is was able to find out the answer.

However, it is possible that the rhyme may be referring to some Welsh King named Coel Hen, or another Welsh one named Coel Godhebog. The kings lived in the 5th and 4th century.

Animals on the farm

The animals of the farm can be raised to supply meat, milk, wool, or other diversified products. The pigs, sheep, cattle, goats, and llamas are the most common farm animals.

Animal rights activists and Welfarists are worried about the way farm animals are being treated in the current industrial agricultural system. This method of farming has been criticised by many as unsustainable and cruel.

Birds outside the window

If you can hear a bird chirp outside the window, it may have an underlying spiritual significance. A few people believe that the bird represents a message from the spirit world, bringing messages of hope or love.

Some people interpret singing birds as evidence they have an angelic guardian monitoring them. If you’re feeling depressed or anxious, these beliefs may be especially important.

One seaman set sail to the ocean

Sailors work out to sea, or are employed on vessels. The frontline workers at board are sailors. They carry out every task that is not completed by Engineers or officers.

They were hardy and disciplined, but they also had a lot of enjoyment. They liked dancing, singing and telling stories. A few even published their personal stories in books.


Cock a doodle doo is one of the most classic songs about the cocky rooster. The nursery rhyme was popular in those days, in the time when babies were just being born. Parents needed to strike deals for their babies in order to enter the big house. The song has been in print for almost all the time since the first time it was published. The most appealing aspect of it is the fact that the lyrics can be recited with minimal effort.

Tommy Thumb

One of the first collection of nursery rhymes Tommy Thumb’s Song Book was a well made confection. The classic gem from the past is the basis for the majority of modern-day beloved songs. Also, this is where young, curious toddlers find their inspiration. If you use it correctly, its environment will supply your classroom of early years children with the much needed boost in confidence and mental skills.

A Crooked Man

This unsavory man was a Scottish general who helped protect religious and political freedom in Scotland. He contributed to the adherence of an agreement with England and Scotland in spite of the conflict between the two countries.

This poem has a historical base and is believed that the rhyme was composed during the 17th century in the time of King Charles I. This was during a period when English and Scots could peacefully coexist.


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