Exploring the History and Origins of Ubuntu Cuisine


The Ubuntu restaurant has been launched by the Hospitality Group, presenting a plant-based dining experience that draws inspiration from West African cuisine. Under the culinary expertise of chef Shenarri Greens Freeman, this establishment is situated in the space formerly occupied by Avant Garden in West Hollywood, which has been tastefully updated to reflect the new concept. With a focus on modern vegan fare, DeRossi and Shenarri have collaborated to devise an innovative menu featuring creative interpretations of traditional African dishes. Among the offerings are jackfruit yassa accompanied by nokoss, white rice, and coconut, curry jollof arancini enhanced with tomato and chickpea miso, seitan suya complemented by red onions and tomato confit, as well as a charred okra salad with pigeon peas and red kidney beans.

Cadence, an acclaimed vegan soul food restaurant located in New York, has gained recognition for its meticulous use of locally-sourced ingredients and seasonal produce hailing from various regions across West Africa, including Senegal, Nigeria, Ghana, and more. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that the intimate space of Cadence has happily welcomed back a number of original Avant Garden staff members. This remarkable collaboration brings together Bucket Listers, renowned creators of The Malibu Barbie Cafe, The Golden Girls Kitchen, as well as the Los Angeles Bucket List, and Superfly, known for their outstanding productions such as the Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival, The FRIENDS Experience, and The Lizzoverse. Together, they have united forces to introduce a mesmerizing new venture, infused with excitement and golf-inspired fun, inviting all to partake in this exceptional experience.

In honor of one of television’s most beloved cartoon families, Family Guy, Golf presents the ultimate homage. This unique experience, named after Quagmire’s famous phrase, Giggity, will open in Los Angeles on September nd. Patrons can expect a custom putt-putt course that recreates memorable moments from the show. Additionally, the indoor/outdoor course will be equipped with a Drunken Clam bar and an Eat My Junk food truck for delectable bites and refreshing cocktails before and after games. Secure your spot on the waitlist now. Coucou will be introducing Pa’s Biscuitisserie for six days in August. This pop-up biscuit concept is a creative endeavor and will surely make its mark.

Westbrook pays homage to the restaurants of his childhood, which hold a special place in his heart, but unfortunately cannot be found in Los Angeles. The cornerstone of Westbrook’s culinary offerings is his Georgia-style drop biscuit recipe, meticulously crafted using carefully selected soft winter wheat sourced from Kentucky. This delectable creation forms the base for a menu that epitomizes gastronomic excellence, structured into three tiers. Guests can indulge in the flavorful Fried Chicken Biscuit Sandwich, featuring a buttermilk-brined chicken complemented by tangy lemon-pickled cabbage and a delightful remoulade sauce. For those seeking a classic combination, the Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit Sandwich presents itself as a symphony of flavors, marrying applewood bacon, scrambled eggs, and two-year cheddar cheese.

On Sunday, August th and Monday, August th, there will be a scheduled event from a.m. to p.m. Additionally, on Sunday, August th and Monday, August th, as well as Sunday, August th and Monday, August st, the same hours will be observed. Pa’s Biscuitisserie will be serving their savory lamb sausage and gravy biscuit during these times.

In honor of its one-year anniversary, Ginza Nishikawa will host the ‘Summer of Shokupan’ event on Saturday, August th, from p.m. to p.m. The Nishikawa Night Market will feature various vendors offering shokupan-based items for sale. Participants include Main Chick Hot Chicken, GoodSteak, and The Melt Factory. This celebration is open to all ages and admission is free.

On the evening of August th, from p.m. to p.m., a delightful event will take place at the Kitchen venue, alongside Sweet Rose Creamery and host Ginza Nishikawa. The night market will not only feature a fully equipped bar and DJ for entertainment but also an exclusive partnership between Absence of Proof and the renowned LA-based non-alcoholic bottle shop, the New Bar. Together, they will conduct a comprehensive mocktail-making class, where attendees will learn the art of crafting three exquisite mocktails using non-alcoholic wine and spirits.

With limited tickets available for purchase, priced at $ per person, this event promises to be a splendid opportunity to expand one’s mixology skills. Additionally, all attendees will have the pleasure of taking home a delightful goodie bag as a token of appreciation. Interested individuals are encouraged to secure their tickets promptly through the provided link.

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In conclusion, if you’re in the mood for some mouth-watering lamb sausage and gravy biscuits, make sure to visit Pa’s Biscuitisserie on both Sunday, August th and Monday, August st, during their regular hours. And for those looking for a fun and delicious way to celebrate Ginza Nishikawa’s one-year anniversary, don’t miss out on the ‘Summer of Shokupan’ event on Saturday, August th. The Nishikawa Night Market will be a food lover’s paradise featuring vendors like Main Chick Hot Chicken, GoodSteak, and The Melt Factory. With free admission and something for all ages, this celebration is not to be missed.


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