How Spanish Fans Reacted to the Disastrous Result Against Japan


The Spanish national team has been through an emotional rollercoaster in the past week. After a ‘dismal’ 2-1 loss to Japan which saw them fall to second place in the group, many Spanish media outlets were highly critical of the team and questioned their performance.

However, after Germany’s incredible win over Costa Rica which ensured Spain’s place in the round-of-16, the Spanish team are now receiving the appreciation they deserve. Although Spain were not at their best during their defeat to Japan, we must remember the incredible feat of reaching the knockout stages of a major tournament.

It is also important to recognize and thank Germany for their incredible performance.

1. How did Spanish media react after the Spanish team’s loss to Japan?

Following the Spanish team’s defeat to Japan in the 2019 Women’s World Cup, the Spanish media was quick to respond with a great sense of disappointment and embarrassment. The reaction was swift and overwhelming, with many Spanish newspapers, magazines, and television programs delivering scathing critiques of the team’s performance. Headlines such as “We were Embarrassed” and “Dismal Defeat” were commonplace, summarizing the general sentiment of the Spanish media. The reaction was so strong that Luis Enrique, the team’s manager, was publicly criticized and came under intense scrutiny as a result of the team’s poor performance.

2. What did Germany do to help Spain advance to the round-of-16?

The Spanish press was understandably unimpressed following the Spanish national side’s dismal defeat to Japan in the round-of-16 match of the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup. With the loss, Spain had been eliminated from the tournament. The Spanish press heavily criticized the team’s performance, due in large part to the team’s lack of urgency and tactical errors. However, the Spanish team was able to advance to the round-of-16 with help from Germany’s 4-0 victory over South Africa. Germany’s comprehensive victory meant that Spain, along with China and Germany, were able to advance to the next round due to their superior goal difference.

3. Who scored the first goal for Spain in the match against Japan?

The news that was released regarding the Spanish side’s ’embarrassing’ defeat to Japan in a recent match has caused a stir in Spain, with papers noting the ‘dismal’ performance of the team. One of the more noteworthy aspects of the match was the first goal from the Spanish side, which was scored by none other than the experienced midfielder, Andres Iniesta. Iniesta’s goal marked the first time Spain had scored in the match, and was a critical moment for the Spanish side, as it provided them with a crucial lead that, in the end, was not enough to prevent their eventual defeat.

4. How long did it take for Spain to score their first goal?

Spain’s defeat against Japan in the 2019 Women’s World Cup was a humbling experience for the side led by coach Luis Enrique, one that was met with criticism from the Spanish press. Following the match, questions were raised about the team’s performance, particularly concerning the length of time it took for them to score their first goal. While the Spanish side were able to equalize in the second half, following a penalty kick in the 61st minute, it was a far cry from the performance that had been expected of them. This lack of a quick-fire response to the Japanese side’s early goal was emblematic of the Spanish side’s overall performance, which resulted in a 4-2 loss.

5. Who scored the two goals for Japan in the match?

The recent reports of Spanish papers criticizing Luis Enrique’s side for their ‘dismal’ defeat against Japan in the match, 5, have sparked much discussion and debate. To provide a more comprehensive analysis of the match, it is important to consider the two goals that were scored for Japan in the match. The first goal was scored in the 41st minute by Japanese forward Yuya Osako, who headed the ball home from a precise Keisuke Honda corner kick. The second goal was scored mere minutes later, in the 44th minute, by Japanese midfielder Takashi Inui, who fired a powerful shot into the back of the net from a narrow angle.

6. What did Japan’s win mean for their position in the group?

Japan’s resounding victory over Spain in their Group D encounter has been widely celebrated and heralded as a momentous achievement for the Asian nation. The result was the culmination of a well-executed strategy, with Japan displaying a level of tactical and technical proficiency that embarrassed their more renowned opponents. The win was Japan’s first in World Cup history against a European side, and represented a significant step forward for the nation’s footballing reputation. The result also serves to strengthen Japan’s position in the group, as the nation now sits atop the table with four points from two matches. With one game left to play, a win or a draw against Poland will confirm their qualification to the knockout stages of the tournament.

Quick Summary

Spain may have made it through to the round of 16, but their performance against Japan has caused discontent among Spanish media outlets. While thanking Germany for coming from behind to rescue their team, the Spanish national team need to work on their performance if they want to make it further in the tournament. If their performance fails to improve, it’s possible that Spain’s stay in this World Cup could be a brief one.


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