Matthew Berry’s Best Bets For Washington Commanders Vs Lions DFS: Who To Start And Who To Sit


Curtis Samuel is a great fantasy wide receiver that you should have in your lineup. Samuel is a fast and versatile player and should be part of your Yahoo league. Tonyan is another option that does not exist in more than 70% of Yahoo leagues. Samuel is also making great advancement. Treylon Burks and Kyle Phillips are both getting better.

Matthew Berry offers fantasy football tips for players

Matthew Berry, the ESPN senior fantasy football analyst is a well-known figure in the field. The Fantasy Show podcast and a gameday program on ESPN2 are his primary outlets. His Twitter fans number more than one million. He was an avid screenwriter prior to his time at ESPN.

One of the running backs who are for fantasy managers are Brian Robinson Jr. and Antonio Gibson. All of them are capable and can be a participant in a successful the fantasy football league. Both players could play well, but both are a problem for Fantasy managers.

Jamaal Charles’ 59.5-point performance against the Raiders

Jamaal Charles his scoring a fantasy total at 59.5 points against the Raiders was among the greatest performances of an RB over numerous years. Charles is one of the top 10 running backs for 3 straight seasons, and was one of the top 15 players overall. He was extremely successful in 2013 and was able to win against Oakland. Jamaal was able to score five touchdowns. This included the Alex Smith reception of 71 yards.

Charles was the Raiders’ only offensive threat on the ground. Smith continued throwing at Charles in the game of passing. Charles was the first franchise player with five touchdowns. Charles also became Kansas City’s the first player ever to score five touchdowns during a game. It was not at all possible prior to Abner Haynes during the 1960s.

RG3’s defense

It’s not a secret that RG3 is an outstanding running back. But his risky selection for a fantasy football team. But fortunately, Matthew Berry is here to assist. Matthew Berry is available to aid. The WR2 can expect to receive more than 10 targets against Washington. This should make him a fantasy favorite.

The year 2012 was the time that Robert Griffin III played one of the most memorable matches for the Washington Redskins. The first time he played, the Redskins beat the Saints at the Superdome. He finished 19-26 for 332 yards passing yards and two touchdowns . He also racked up another 42 yards of rushing on nine games. Washington’s feat was an impressive opening to a remarkable season.

Antonio Gibson

Antonio Gibson has a high volume floor . He is expected to be a back-end RB2. Through his first 30 games, he’s scored 21 touchdowns as well as 2,371 yards. Gibson is the most effective back on Matt Berry’s Washington Commanders vs. Lions DFS lineup. The second round is risk-free pick in points-per-reception leagues. Gibson also has a great level of play as an offensive receiver.

The star running back, Antonio Gibson, finished Week 1 with 14 total carries with the requisite 58 yards. His speed average was 4.14 yards per carry. He also caught seven passes, totalling 72 yards. He’s going to be an ideal option for the final half of the season.


Since January in 2004, the Washington Commanders have been impressed at Carson Wentz. The Washington icon Joe Gibbs met with Wentz in Charlotte, North Carolina, as well as shared a story of contact with quarterbacks throughout the season of 2004. Wentz, of course, is currently the team’s starter.

Carson Wentz, a former Philadelphia Eagles first-round selection, was later one of the teams Super Bowl champion. Wentz demanded that a deal be completed. At his new residence in Washington, Wentz continues his Jekyll and Hyde routine. He’s been a superb player, however, he has thrown the ball around numerous times.


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