How to Celebrate the Feast of the Seven Fishes with Friends and Family


conclusion of this season, it is intriguing to explore the diverse culinary customs people across the globe embrace to commemorate this festive period. During the early s, when Italian immigrants embarked on their journey to the United States, they not only brought along age-old traditions but also introduced a novel celebration known as the Feast of the Seven Fishes. This tradition emerged from their longing for the bountiful seafood that characterized their homeland in Southern Italy. Furthermore, amidst these festive moments, there exists an ancient Advent tradition called Las Posadas, which offers individuals faith-driven opportunities to foster harmonious relationships and pursue peaceful coexistence.

Catholic tradition of abstaining from meat during the period leading up to holy days, such as Christmas Eve, has been observed. This practice, highlighted by National Geographic, was particularly prominent in southern Italy, where an elaborate fish dinner became a customary affair. Over time, as these immigrants settled in the United States, the seafood feasts on Christmas Eve gradually transformed into the esteemed Feast of the Seven Fishes. National Geographic suggests that the choice of seven may have been influenced by its biblical significance. The legacy of consuming fish on Christmas Eve has endured, and it remains a cherished custom.

The act of revering one’s ancestors is advocated by the publication. Presently, numerous Italian-American households have embraced their own variations of the Feast of the Seven Fishes, incorporating elements of Italian fusion cuisine alongside traditional dishes. In the Philippines and regions with a significant Filipino population, the days preceding Christmas are marked by a distinctive pre-dawn celebration known as ‘Simbang Gabi’. Father Leo Patalinghug informed Fox News Digital that the Filipino community diligently prepares for Christmas through a nine-day novena of Masses prior to the festive season.

to gather and reflect on their faith, stated the esteemed individual after sunset. Reverend Patalinghug, affiliated with the Voluntas Dei (The Will of GodInstitute and operating from Baltimore, Maryland, has not only dedicated himself to priestly duties but also authored a notable publication titled Dining with the Saints: The Sinner’s Guide to a Righteous Feast. During the revered seasons of Advent and Christmas, Fox News’ esteemed Rachel Campos-Duffy asserts that our beliefs are profoundly emphasized. Moreover, this respected individual is the visionary behind Plating Grace, an international movement intertwining nourishment and spirituality, along with being the esteemed host of Savoring our Faith, a program focusing on food and faith broadcasted on the prestigious Catholic TV network EWTN. Evidently, this period serves as a significant occasion for individuals to assemble and contemplate their profound convictions.

The Masses that take place in the early morning, while it is still dark, are technically known as Simbang Gabi. These Masses serve as an opportunity for individuals to come together and pray, with hopeful anticipation of Christ’s arrival, symbolized by the light that dispels darkness. Additionally, Simbang Gabi serves as a moment for communal gathering and celebration, often accompanied by the enjoyment of traditional foods that provide nourishment and comfort. Arroz caldo is one such popular dish during this festive season. The observance of Advent also involves the incorporation of music, which plays a crucial role in preparing believers for the holy season – serving as the soundtrack of their readiness.

described by the KFC website as a savory blend of rice and chicken infused with bold aromatics, talinghug is an exquisite porridge that has become an integral part of the Japanese Advent and Christmas food tradition. Despite the small Christian population in Japan, accounting for only approximately % of the nation, Christmas has evolved into a widely honored seasonal event since the late s. Initially intended as a means to entertain children, the festivities gradually transformed into a cherished cultural phenomenon. In the s, KFC arrived in Japan, marking the inception of their renowned KFC Christmas campaign in .

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In conclusion, the Simbang Gabi and the observance of Advent are integral parts of the Filipino Christmas tradition, providing a sense of unity, anticipation, and joy. Through Masses filled with prayer and hopeful anticipation, symbolized by the symbolic light that dispels darkness, individuals come together to prepare their hearts for the arrival of Christ. The communal gathering and celebration during Simbang Gabi, accompanied by traditional foods like arroz caldo, further enhance the sense of joy and nourishment. Lastly, the incorporation of music into the observance of Advent serves as a beautiful soundtrack that prepares believers for the holy season. Overall, these traditions serve as powerful reminders of the true meaning of Christmas and bring communities closer together in faith and celebration.


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