How to Make the Most Out of Attending a Live Music Performance


social media platforms can fuel nostalgia and introduce new music, as Craig Powers, a -year-old Tacoma researcher, experienced during the pandemic. Exploring his favorite bands and albums rekindled his passion, yet delving deeper into the vast realm of music led him to discover unfamiliar artists. This newfound musical journey was primarily facilitated by TikTok, where concert snippets of similar musicians continuously streamed through his feed, encompassing various genres such as emo, metalcore, and post-punk. However, amidst this amalgamation of old and fresh interests, Powers came to a somber realization about social media: the act of watching bands on these platforms.

TikTok failed to contribute financially to the artists, while the meager streaming residuals from platforms like Spotify and YouTube proved insufficient. Simply consuming concert clips on one’s feed was inadequate for Powers if he truly wished to support the emerging bands he admired. Therefore, driven by his uncompromising nature, Powers initiated the year with an ambitious objective: attending concerts before its culmination. This endeavor propelled him to rekindle his passion for live music, unearth additional musical talents, and achieve remarkable milestones.

The individual achieved his objective much earlier than anticipated when he attended his thirtieth concert featuring the band Weezer just last month. It is worth noting that he meticulously recorded the entire experience on TikTok, the platform where his journey initially began. Powers is not alone in experiencing a significant transformation in his relationship with live entertainment in recent years. The advent of streaming media has led to increased availability of concert recordings, front-row footage, and dedicated fanbases that approach every aspect of the concert season with utmost dedication. These ardent supporters engage in various activities, ranging from acquiring tickets (which can be quite challengingto meticulously planning the ideal concert ensemble in preparation for the grand event.

numerous individuals opted to capture their concert experiences on camera, subsequently sharing the entirety of it with other passionate enthusiasts through various online platforms. Evidently, we find ourselves amidst a novel epoch of concert media. Nonetheless, as is customary with any era, we have both gained and forfeited certain aspects. These recordings deviate significantly from the bootlegs of the past, encompassing diverse musical genres ranging from K-pop to hardcore. Streaming and sharing platforms such as TikTok and Instagram have revolutionized the perception of streamed concert footage and viral moments stemming from live events. The most discerning artists not only acknowledge that their audience will be wielding their smartphones but also anticipate this occurrence. During the previous year, this trend persisted and solidified.

Both artists achieved recognition in the form of a Latin Grammy nomination for their innovative music film. This visually captivating production consists of a series of brief, easily shareable moments, all captured on mobile phones and presented through a live-streaming platform. Adding to the excitement, Taylor Swift recently announced an upcoming release of her highly anticipated concert movie showcasing her renowned Eras tour. This strategic move coincides perfectly with the start of the European leg of her tour. It is worth reflecting upon the fact that filming concerts was once strictly forbidden during the earlier stages of the internet’s development. However, the advent of livestreaming and the widespread utilization of social media platforms have transformed the landscape, making concert clips readily available. Notable blogs such as NYC Taper and BB Chronicles, in addition to numerous other sources, continuously deliver fresh content to satisfy the growing demand for these captivating performances.

The website Relisten is dedicated to curating a wide range of live concert recordings from various decades, encompassing genres from the likes of the Grateful Dead to bluegrass band Trampled by Turtles. It is important to note that these websites, including Relisten, take a cautious approach when it comes to copyright. They often include disclaimers emphasizing that their collections are intended to complement, rather than substitute, the live concert experience. However, with the advent of smartphones, this discreet and unspoken acceptance of bootlegging concerts has been significantly disrupted.

The moral

In conclusion, as we eagerly await the European leg of Eras tour, it is remarkable to see how the dynamics of concert recordings have evolved over time. From a time when filming concerts was strictly prohibited during the early days of the internet, we now find ourselves in an era where livestreaming and social media have made concert clips readily accessible. Thanks to dedicated blogs like NYC Taper and BB Chronicles, along with countless other sources, we can continuously indulge in the magic of live performances. So, let’s embrace this new era of music consumption, as we immerse ourselves in captivating concert footage and collectively celebrate the power of technology in enhancing our musical experiences.


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