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pleased with the gripping storyline and exceptional performances. Thank you once again for joining me on this journey, and let’s continue to explore captivating non-fiction literature together.

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Enjoying it. It’s a mystery show set in Tasmania and most of the characters are queer women. Get any good book recommendations lately? Share them in the comments! Ghost Afraid of the Dark
I do not have kids, but admittedly, one of the things that makes me wish I had a tiny kiddo in my life (my own, a friend’s, seeing all of these cute, spooky season picture books. (That and seeing little baby Converse shoes in a department store.This one is also available as a board book. Follow Boo the Ghost as he celebrates.

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I have been thoroughly enjoying a captivating television show set in Tasmania, which revolves around intriguing mysteries and predominantly features characters who identify as queer women. Have you come across any noteworthy literary recommendations recently? Feel free to share them in the comment section below.

The inaugural Halloween soirée with his assemblage of supernatural companions marked a significant milestone for him. Boo, a timorous specter, swiftly comprehended his trepidation towards various stimuli. Embark on an endearing and spine-chilling narrative as Boo develops courage amidst his journey. Enhanced by captivating illustrations and an iridescent cover that allows for nocturnal perusal, this tale presents an exquisite option for bedtime reading. Include to the roster of books to read on Goodreads → This literary gem is accessible through multiple platforms, including purchasing it as an Amazon Associate. Additionally, our posts may contain affiliate links. Gratitude is extended for your support! The League of Lady Poisoners has been highly recommended by an acquaintance who currently maintains employment at the bookstore.

Formerly employed, I received a captivating image from her due to its exquisite nature. The periphery of the pages boasts an attractive verdant metallic embellishment. An opulent piece of literature, this lavishly illustrated book acquaints readers with a selection of renowned females from various eras in history who were united by their shared affinity for toxic substances. Welcome to the esteemed assembly known as the League of Lady Poisoners. This engrossing and extensively researched publication authored by Lisa Perrin artfully intertwines the narratives of over twenty-five women accused of poisoning, delving into the circumstances and influences that steered them towards lives of crime.

Authors of the Stuff You Missed in History Class podcast. The book sheds light on the historical accounts of remarkable women who resorted to extreme measures to achieve their goals, such as the granddaughters of slave owners in Bermuda or Giulia Tofana, who cunningly marketed her potent formula to women seeking liberation from their abusive or undesirable husbands. However, some narratives might be unsettling, like that of Yiya Murano, an infamous fraudster and serial er in Argentina, or the chilling case of Nurse Jane Toppan. The content is thoughtfully organized into thematic sections based on the women’s motivations, supplemented by an illuminating visual guide that delves into the origins and consequences of common toxins throughout history. Moreover, this edition is graced with a foreword penned by Holly Frey and Maria Trimarchi, the esteemed creators and authors of the renowned Stuff You Missed in History Class podcast.

Criminalia, the podcast, offers a delightful indulgence for enthusiasts of true crime, admirers of feminist history, and inquisitive readers captivated by the darker aspects of human nature. Add this captivating piece of literature to your Goodreads To-Read List → Accessible through various platforms such as Amazon, where we earn commissions as an Amazon Associate. Additionally, we may include affiliate links in our posts. Thank you for your support! Recipe for Catastrophe This particular recommendation emerged from author Samantha Irby’s Instagram stories. She has contributed to this anthology, providing insights into the comfort meals people seek during times of sorrow and desolation. Furthermore, I possess my own set of culinary preferences.

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In conclusion, Bad Girls of History offers an intriguing and captivating exploration of the dark side of women throughout history. From rebellious queens to cunning criminals, this book sheds light on the stories that often go untold. The thematic sections and visually appealing guide provide a comprehensive understanding of the women’s motivations, while the foreword by Holly Frey and Maria Trimarchi adds an extra layer of credibility. Whether you are a history enthusiast or simply love a good true crime story, this book is sure to leave you spellbound and questioning everything you thought you knew about the fairer sex.


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