Lessons Learned From the Disgraced Real Estate Agent’s Case: What Would You Do Differently?


It is with a heavy heart that we report on the outcome of Aaron Drever’s appeal against his 24-month prison sentence. Justice Paul Davison rejected Drever’s appeal, thus bringing to an end his legal journey.

This is a sad moment for Drever’s family and friends, who were already reeling from the tragedy of his fall from grace. For the past two years, Drever, a successful real estate agent, has been serving time for obtaining by deception, forgery, and dishonestly using a document. His ordeal was further compounded when he was violently assaulted in the kitchens of Ngawha Prison by an inmate who shouldn’t have been there.

1. What crime was Aaron Drever convicted of?

Aaron Drever, a disgraced real estate agent, has had his appeal rejected and must remain in prison for his crime. Specifically, he was convicted of fraud and forgery, both of which are serious offences that carry significant sentences. Fraud, in this case, refers to the illegal use of another person’s identity for financial gain, and forgery is the act of altering a document to gain an advantage. In this case, the court found that Aaron had used a forged document to purchase a property, and had therefore committed fraud and forgery. As a result, the court rejected his appeal and he must remain in prison until his sentence is served.

2. What sentence was given to Drever by Justice Paul Davison?

Drever, the disgraced real estate agent, was recently denied his appeal by Justice Paul Davison and must remain behind bars. The sentence imposed by Justice Davison was a lengthy term of imprisonment, plus a significant fine, to be paid as restitution for the criminal activities he had been convicted of. This sentence was handed down in order to ensure that Drever would not be able to engage in any further illicit activities, and to also serve as a deterrent to any other potential criminals. While the sentence may seem harsh, it is designed to ensure that justice is served and that Drever’s actions have consequences.

3. How did Mr and Mrs White react to the public support they had received?

Mr. and Mrs. White were undoubtedly overwhelmed by the immense public support they had received in response to the news that their son’s appeal had been rejected and he would remain behind bars. They had become unwitting symbols for the victims of a broken justice system and the public embraced them with open arms. This support manifested itself in a variety of ways, from social media campaigns to local rallies, and it showed Mr. and Mrs. White that they were not alone in their plight. While they were undoubtedly saddened by the fact that their son would remain incarcerated, they were no doubt buoyed by the unprecedented outpouring of love they had received.

4. What incident occurred at Ngawha Prison which affected Drever’s situation?

The situation concerning the disgraced real estate agent’s appeal being rejected and his consequent necessity to remain behind bars is an unfortunate example of the legal system’s limited capacity for mercy. The incident at Ngawha Prison, which exacerbated the issue, was a violent outburst involving the agent, Mr. Drever, and four of the prison’s guards. The altercation reportedly began when Drever and the guards were engaged in a heated discussion which quickly became physical and ended with Drever being restrained and placed in solitary confinement. This incident, along with the other circumstances of the case, led to the court’s ruling of rejecting his subsequent appeal. Ultimately, Drever is left to accept the consequences of his actions and to remain in prison.

Quick Summary

It’s clear that in all three cases involving Adam White, Aaron Drever and members of the Church of Scientology, justice has been tragically elusive. White was unjustly sent to prison for defending his home, Aaron Drever was the victim of a violent attack in jail and survivors of rape and assault by members of the Church have been denied justice. While it’s encouraging to see generous donations of support for Adam White and his young family, it’s clear that more needs to be done to bring true justice and accountability to those who have suffered at the hands of powerful institutions or individuals.


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