Linda Carter’s journey to happiness on EastEnders.


It was recently revealed that Strictly Come Dancing contestant Jayde Patel feels ‘completely natural’ dancing with her same-*** partner Karen Hauer. Jayde, who competitively disco danced as a child, is one of two same-*** partnerships on this year’s show.

Speaking about her partnership with Karen, Jayde said: “It feels like a completely natural thing. I think because we have the same body shape it makes it a lot easier.”

She added: “We have the same humour, we get on so well, we’re like sisters.

1. How did Jayde feel about her Strictly Come Dancing partnership?

Regarding the news on EastEnders theory: Linda Carter finds happiness with Walford resident, 1. How did Jayde feel about her Strictly Come Dancing partnership?

Jayde felt very excited about her Strictly Come Dancing partnership. She had always loved dancing and was very passionate about it. She was also very grateful to have the opportunity to compete on the show.

2. How long has Jayde been disco dancing?

Linda Carter’s recent discovery of Jayde’s talent for disco dancing has been a source of great joy for her. Jayde has been a part of the Walford community for quite some time, and her dancing has always been a source of happiness for her. However, it seems that Jayde’s talent for disco dancing has only recently been discovered by Linda. This discovery has made Linda even more happy and has brought a new level of joy to her life.

3. How did Jayde and Karen Hauer become partners on the show?

Linda Carter (played by Kellie Bright) has been through a lot on EastEnders. She’s been through an abusive marriage, alcoholism, and most recently, the loss of her son. But it seems like she may finally be finding happiness with Walford resident, Jayde Mitchell (played by Jasmine Armfield).

Jayde and Karen Hauer (played by Tameka Empson) became partners on the show after Karen helped Jayde through a tough time. Karen is a bit older than Jayde and is married with children, but she’s always been there for her.

It’s clear that Linda and Jayde have a special connection. They understand each other in a way that nobody else does.

4. What did Jayde and Karen Hauer have in common that made them a good match?

In recent news, there has been a theory circulating that Linda Carter will find happiness with a Walford resident. This theory has caused quite a stir, with many people wondering who the potential match could be.

There are a few things that Jayde and Karen Hauer have in common that make them a good match. Firstly, they are both Walford residents, so they already have that in common. Secondly, they are both kind-hearted and caring people, which would make them a good match. Finally, they are both looking for happiness, which makes them a perfect match.

only time will tell if this theory is correct, but it certainly has everyone talking.

5. What did Mick Carter initially think about Janine’s pregnancy?

When news broke that Linda Carter would find happiness with a Walford resident, many fans were quick to speculate who the lucky man might be. Some suggested that it could be Janine’s ex-husband, while others thought it might be one of the new residents. However, the most popular theory seems to be that Mick Carter will be the one to win Linda’s heart.

Mick Carter is a widower who has been through a lot of heartache in recent years. He lost his wife, Linda, to cancer and has been struggling to deal with her death. However, he has found some solace in his daughter, Nancy, and his grandson, Johnny.

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