Strategies for Overcoming Intense School Rivalries and Creating Lasting Connections


In the realm of competitive sports, the establishment of interpersonal connections holds utmost importance. The act of forging alliances, honing tactical partnerships, and gradually fostering a sense of harmony within a team plays a pivotal role in navigating through the most arduous trials. In fact, it often serves as the determining factor between triumph and failure. The robust bonds that bind the squad members together were instrumental in Chile’s remarkable qualification for their inaugural Rugby World Cup, achieved through a gripping playoff victory against the USA in July of last year. In this -man squad, an impressive individuals hail from Selknam, the sole professional club in the nation. Furthermore, it is noteworthy that amongst them received their education from two notable schools in Santiago: a testament to their shared journey towards excellence.

more of us, we create a strong bond that extends beyond the pitch. This camaraderie has been cultivated throughout our journey, from our humble beginnings playing together in primary school to our triumphant qualification last year. Santiago Videla’s decisive penalty kick in Colorado solidified our place in the tournament, despite facing a daunting -point deficit in the second leg. From our current base in Perros-Guirec, Brittany, just a short distance from south-west England, Videla reflects on our team’s unity. He emphasizes that our connection goes beyond mere schoolmates; we have become an extended family. We share a deep understanding of one another’s experiences and have built lasting relationships with each other’s loved ones. Together, our collective strength allows us to thrive as a team, united in both our triumphs and challenges.

My fellow acquaintances, I have had the pleasure of their company since my earliest recollections. The reminiscences of Videla regarding his educational background serve as a testament to the profound influence British culture has had on Chilean rugby. Through a network comprising over esteemed British educational institutions, this sport has found its place in a country traditionally obsessed with football. Videla recalls his time at secondary school, where the majority of students were Chilean, but the presence of numerous British teachers prevailed. They treated us as though English was our native tongue and guided us through GCSEs and A-levels, just as they would in a British school. Though the camaraderie within the squad is undeniably strong, one must acknowledge that old rivalries from our alma maters have yet to fade entirely into oblivion.

The camaraderie shared between us has always involved light-hearted jokes, strictly for amusement, Videla states. Our friendship is exceptionally strong. During our school days, we possessed a certain level of animosity towards each other – typical childish behavior. However, the trials and tribulations we have faced together in recent years, coupled with this World Cup experience… it will bind us closely for many years to come. Videla, possessing a multitude of talents, excels as a fly-half, full-back, or wing, commencing his role as a wing player against Japan and Samoa. He is an esteemed alumnus of the Grange, whereas his teammate, Alfonso Escobar, attended Craighouse. I am grateful for the presence of my ten teammates from the Grange… I refrain from desiring anything more than their unwavering support and camaraderie.

My adversary, Escobar, mentions the names Craighouse and Grange, both renowned for their triumphs in Chilean tournaments. Recently, our respective clubs, Craighouse Old Boys and Old Grangonians, competed against each other in a final match. Around individuals gathered here at the Brittany team base, engaging in lively viewing, passionate debates, and friendly wagers. The British influence appears to be more prominent at Craighouse, as Escobar himself had regularly sung the British anthem every Friday, thus becoming well-acquainted with it. He further reveals his admiration for Tom Curry, the currently suspended England player, who belongs to the same back-row position as him.

When the band begins playing in Lille and the players of Steve Borthwick join in, will Escobar be eager to join them in belting out God Save the King? While laughing, he mentions that his old teachers would probably expect him to sing it. Additionally, Escobar expresses his eagerness to measure himself against England’s players, as he claims to know all of them and watch them on TV every weekend. On Saturday, the -year-old will start at No . He is one of four pairs of brothers in Chile’s squad, along with Santiago and Benjamín Videla, as well as twins Clemente and Domingo Saavedra. There is also Matías and…


In conclusion, the final match between Craighouse Old Boys and Old Grangonians showcased the true spirit of camaraderie and competition. As we gathered at the Brittany team base, it was clear that the British influence was more prominent at Craighouse, with Escobar’s regular rendition of the British anthem adding an extra touch of authenticity. Despite the intense rivalry on the field, it was heartening to see rugby enthusiasts engage in lively viewing, passionate debates, and friendly wagers. Escobar’s admiration for Tom Curry, a fellow back-row player, serves as a testament to the international bonds that rugby creates. Both teams can reflect with pride on their triumphs in Chilean tournaments and look forward to new challenges and victories in the future.


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