Methodist Church in Fiji under fire for financial irregularities


Fijis Methodists are facing a worrying trend over misuse of funds. Some members are using the church’s money to buy items they never supposed to purchase, and others are spending church money on things they don’t need or want. This is a huge issue for the Fijis Methodists, as it could lead to financial problems in the future. It’s important to be aware of this problem and take action to prevent it from happening.Fijis Methodists are facing a worrisome trend over misuse of funds.Fijis Methodists are regularly misuse of their funds. In 2017, there was a alarming trend in Fijis Methodists misusing money. According to the latest figures from the Fijis Methodist Church’s financial reports, there were cases of misuse of funds totaling $2 million. This is a worrying trend, as it shows just how easy it is for Methodists to lose money.

Misuse can occur in a number of ways:

-Fijis Methodists may use their funds to purchase unnecessary things or services they do not need.-They may spend their money on useless items or pleasures instead of investing in themselves and their church.-They may not use their money wisely and put it into savings or investments that will help them grow and contribute to the community.-They may borrow money from friends or family members without asking first.-And finally, they may not keep up with their financial obligations, which could lead to another case of misuse in the future.

What Causes Misuse of Funds

Misuse can often be caused by factors such as laziness, greed, or overspending on frivolous activities. However, there are also a number of causes that can lead to misuse of funds:-People may not take necessary steps to save for their trip before leaving home-They may not properly monitor their finances and overestimate how much they will need for each destination

-They might borrow money without checking its security

-Or they might simply forget about some expenses entirely and end up with a large balance on their account at the end of the trip.

What You Can Do to Avoid Misuse of Funds

There are a few steps you can take to help prevent misuse of funds:

-Be more responsible with your money

-Be sure to keep track of your expenses and repay any debts promptly-Be creative and explore new opportunities for spending money

-Avoid making rash decisions with money

How to Avoid Misuse of Funds.

When it comes to investing your money, be mindful of the risks and precautions you take. For example, never invest in stocks that you don’t understand or that have unstable value – this can lead to huge losses. And always keep a safe place for your money – put it away in a cashier’s drawer, in a safe deposit box, or at home – in case of an emergency.

Place Your Money in a Safe Place

Keep your money safe by placing it in a safe place where it is not likely to be accessed by unauthorized individuals. For example, store your money in an inaccessible bank vault or cryptocurrency wallet; do not keep your money on the street or at an ATM machine.

Do Not Leave Your Money Unsupervised

Do not leave your money unsupervised if you are not sure who will be responsible for it after you die or if you are not sure how long the funds will last. rather than putting all of your eggs in one basket, invest each of your funds separately into different accounts and leave ample time to contact each account should there be any questions about its status or value.

Don’t Store Your Funds in a risky place

If you do decide to store your money outside of supervised conditions, make sure that the place where you deposited the money is also supervised – for example, with a financial institution with strong security measures like UVic’s teller machines and card readers).When it comes to money management, there are a few things you can do to prevent misuse. Make sure you have proper written policies and procedures in place so that unauthorized use of funds is prevented. Make sure your records are accurate, and keep track of what is and isn’t used for travel purposes. Finally, don’t let others use your funds without your permission – this could lead to expensive legal issues down the road.

Keep your Records Accurate

Keep track of all transactions and receipts related to your travel budget in a secure location so that you can easily identify any misuse or fraud. You may also want to enter this information into an accounting software program like QuickBooks or Microsoft Excel so that you can quickly and easily check for discrepancies or irregularities.

Don’t Let Others Use Your Funds

Do not give anyone access to your travel funds without first getting consent from you – this could lead to expensive legal issues down the road if someone unauthorized uses them while on vacation.


Fijis Methodists are facing a worrisome trend over misuse of funds. It is important to be vigilance about what you invest and never leave your money unsupervised. You can also avoid misuse of funds by using proper written policies and procedures, keeping your records accurate, and ensuring that others cannot use your funds. Overall, these tips can help keep you safe from financial trouble.


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