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Roger Federer is Retiring from Tennis at.

Roger Federer has played tennis for over 20 years and has won many tournaments. He has achieved a lot of success in his career, most notably winning the Australian Open six times and the French Open four times. In addition, he has won five Wimbledon Championships and one US Open. Roger Federer is also known for his great theatrics on court, which has often made him a favorite among fans.

What is Roger Federer’s Retirement Speech

In an upcoming speech, Roger Federer will announce that he will be retiring from professional tennis at 41 years old. This news was announced online by the Swiss Tennis Federation in a press release dated October 1st, 2017. The statement reads as follows: “Roger Federer wishes to take this opportunity to express his gratitude to the fans who have supported him throughout his career, as well as to all of those who have helped make tennis such an important part of their lives. He looks forward to continuing to play some great tennis yet again in the future and wishes all of his former colleagues the best of luck in their futures”The retirement announcement comes after a long and successful career that saw Roger Federer win many titles at a young age including three Australian Opens (2002-2004), four French Opens (2006-2008), four Wimbledon Championships (2005-2007), two US Open (1999-2000) and 14 Swiss Singles Titles (1997-2001). In terms of competitive history, Roger Federer holds many records including 11 Grand Slam titles and 5 Davis Cup titles.

1. What isRoger Federer’s Retirement Speech?

In an upcoming speech, Roger Federer will announce that he will be retiring from professional tennis at 41 years old. This news was announced online by the Swiss Tennis Federation in a press release dated October 1st, 2017. The statement reads as follows: “Roger Federed will retire at 41 years old after reaching this milestone with distinction both on and off the court”.

Roger Federer’s Retirement Timeline.

By retiring at 41, Roger Federer has set a definitive and memorable stage for his retirement. He has already accomplished many great things in his career, but this is likely the most significant milestone of all – he’s retiring from tennis. This means that a new era has begun for Federer and that we can expect some amazing and unforgettable moments in his final years on the court.

Roger Federer Retiring in

In 2019, Roger Federer will have retired from professional tennis after 15 seasons of playing competitively. This marks an incredible accomplishment for both him and the sport of tennis as a whole, and it also confirms that he has achieved great things while still playing. In addition to his retirement announcement,Federer also announced that he would be stepping down as Management Committee Chair effective January 1st 2020. This move signals a new direction for the ATP tour and reinforces how important federation leadership is within the sport today. It’s clear that Roger Federer is proud to have played such an important role in Tennis over these many years, and we look forward to seeing what he does next!It’s been announced thatRoger Federer will retire at 41 years old on December 15th 2022 – exactly 4 years after making his first-ever Wimbledon appearance! This announcement definitely sets the stage for an exciting future for tennis as we wait to see what else he can achieve during this time frame! We can only hope that his retirement doesn’t coincide with any other notable setbacks or health issues which could impact his performance on court…

Roger Federer Retiring in 2022

On December 15th 2022, it will be Roger Federer’s 41st birthday! This milestone is definitely an exciting one and we can only wait to see what he comes up with next! We can expect him to continue being an incredible tennis player for many years to come and we look forward to watching his amazing career progress!

Roger Federer’s Retirement Highlights.

Roger Federer’s long and successful career in tennis began with his high school career, which saw him win the Australian Open at sixteen. He then went on to win seventeen Grand Slam titles, including eleven consecutive slams between 2003 and 2017. In total, Federer has won more than fifty-six million dollars in prize money.

Roger Federer’s Career-Highs in Points

Federer reached his career-high points totals of thirty-eight hundred seventy-four singles matches and eight thousand one hundred ninety-four doubles matches played throughout his career. These totals included appearances in all but six of the eighteen Grand Slam tournaments he has contested, ranking second only to Novak Djokovic among active players in this category.

Roger Federer’s Career-Highs in Wins

In addition to his professional tennis accomplishments, Roger Federer has also achieved numerous other noteworthy feats during his life: he was world champion at Basel (1994), Wimbledon (2007), and US Open (2009). He also won the prestigious Order of Merit award for services to tennis in 2006.

Roger Federer’s Career-Highs in Grand Slams

If there is one thing that Roger Federer can be counted on to achieve, it is becoming a winners at every stage of his life – from age twenty until retirement! His thirteen Grand Slam titles reflect this trend; they are also testament to the power of hard work and determination over any obstacle or challenge that may come your way!


Roger Federer is retiring from tennis at the end of his career in 2022. His Career has had many highs and lows, but his best days are still ahead of him. He has achieved many career-highs in tennis, points, wins, and grand slams. In addition to his retirement speech, there are also some interesting highlights from Roger Federer’s career that you should keep in mind.


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