The Top 5 Designer Brands that Meghan Markle has Worn in the Last Year


In the year , Meghan Markle’s public visibility reached new heights following her departure from her royal duties and relocation to the United States alongside Prince Harry in . Despite encountering a tumultuous period marked by fluctuations in popularity and public opinion, Meghan attracted significant attention through her remarkable presence at various events, donning a series of captivating outfits. Renowned for her fashion decisions, Meghan has previously expressed a sense of satisfaction in not relying on a stylist, as it offers her the liberty to exercise personal independence in selecting her attire, determining when and why she wears it.

aisle in a stunning red carpet evening gown. The gown, designed by a renowned fashion house, accentuated Meghan’s elegance and grace. Her choice of outfit for this prestigious event was widely praised by fashion critics and showcased her impeccable sense of style.

Royal Gala Event
Another remarkable fashion highlight for Meghan in was her appearance at a royal gala event. Dressed in a sophisticated and regal ensemble, she captivated the audience with her poise and glamour. The exquisite detailing on her gown, combined with her tasteful accessories, demonstrated her refined taste in fashion.

Fashion Forward Charity Event
Meghan continued to impress with her fashion choices at a charity event dedicated to a noble cause. Opting for a modern and chic look, she wore a stylish suit that exuded confidence and sophistication. Her exceptional fashion sense not only drew attention but also highlighted her commitment to philanthropy.

Evening gown featuring a sweetheart neckline and keyhole cut-out, crafted by the talented designer Johanna Ortiz. The elegance of Meghan’s attire at the ceremony was unfortunately overshadowed when, subsequently, the duke and duchess experienced a distressing car chase that their spokesperson described as almost catastrophic. An Evening Among CelebritiesDuring the month of September, Meghan had the privilege of mingling with prominent personalities, finding herself in the presence of fellow A-listers during a remarkable event—an exclusive gathering in Los Angeles to witness a remarkable performance by none other than Beyoncé herself on her Renaissance world tour. Aligned with the singer’s wish for attendees to dress in silver to commemorate the Virgo season, Meghan was captured in an impeccably stylish ensemble.

Invictus Games, a veterans tournament, was attended by both Meghan and Prince Harry in Germany during September. Meghan opted for a formal attire consisting of a black tank top paired with cropped cargo shorts and accessorized with a J Crew sweater-blazer. Furthermore, Meghan and Harry engaged in a photocall with NATO representatives during the event. Meghan chose an elegant ensemble in subdued tones of beige, donning Gabriella’s classic wide-legged pants for the occasion.

silk blouse by L’Agence.

At the closing ceremony of the games, Meghan made a bold fashion statement by choosing an exquisite teal strapless evening dress from the renowned fashion label, Cult Gaia. The dress featured intricate floral laser cut-out details, adding an extra touch of elegance to her ensemble.

Displaying her signature minimalist approach, Meghan effortlessly styled the outfit with a pair of understated gold earrings. Her hair was tastefully arranged in an updo, highlighting her graceful demeanor. To complete the look, she opted for plain suede pumps, accentuating her refined sense of style.

On the significant occasion of World Mental Health Day on October , Meghan and Prince Harry took center stage as they hosted a forum in association with their esteemed Archewell foundation. This event holds great importance to the couple, as it aims to raise aeness and support for mental well-being, emphasizing the criticality of this issue in today’s society.

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For her final red carpet appearance in , Meghan chose a timeless white pantsuit meticulously crafted by Altuzarra. The ensemble boasted a contemporary touch with its stylish off-the-shoulder design. The Hollywood Red Carpet event served as the backdrop for this noteworthy fashion statement.

Adhering to her preferred subdued color palette, Meghan embraced elegance at the Variety Power of Women gala held in Los Angeles. This occasion marked a rare instance where she attended without the company of Prince Harry. The duchess radiated regal grace as she graced the red carpet donning an exquisite beige evening gown. This bespoke creation was thoughtfully tailored by the esteemed luxury fashion brand, Proenza Schouler.

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What we can learn

Overall, Meghan’s outfit choice for the World Mental Health Day event perfectly reflected her elegant and sophisticated style. The understated gold earrings, tastefully arranged updo, and plain suede pumps all contributed to her refined sense of fashion. By hosting the forum in association with their Archewell foundation, Meghan and Prince Harry showcased their commitment to raising awareness and offering support for mental well-being. This event served as a powerful reminder of the criticality of addressing mental health in today’s society, and Meghan’s outfit was a true reflection of her dedication to this important cause.


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