The dangers of a “runaway” constitutional convention


What Is the Republican Revolution.

The Republican Revolution began in the early 1800s when a group of conservative Republicans, led by John Adams, began to argue that the Constitution should be rewritten in accordance with their views. The goal of the Republican Revolution was to replace the Constitution with a new, more conservative document that would protect their beliefs and privileges.

What is the goal of the Republican Revolution

The goal of the Republican Revolution was to protect their beliefs and privileges as well as to change the Constitution so that they could control it completely. In order to achieve this goal, they turned to violence and vandalism in order to remove any opposing voices from government. This strategy failed, and eventually led to the Civil War.How does the Republican Revolution threaten our ConstitutionThe Republican Revolution also threatened our Constitution because it proposed changes that would have allowed for greater economic inequality and political power for wealthy individuals. These proposals were met with resistance from many different groups, which ultimately led to war (and Reconstruction).

What Can You Do to Protect Your Constitution.

There is a clear and present threat to our Constitution- the Republican Revolution. To stop this progress, you can do several things:1. Educate yourself on the issues surrounding the Republican Revolution and the Constitution. This will help you to understand the full extent of their threat and how you can protect yourselves.2. Stand up to any unconstitutional changes that may be made within the next few years. If you know about unconstitutional changes happening in your community or state, make sure to speak out against them and let others know what’s at stake.3. Help spread word of importance to your community about the Constitution and how it’s important for democracy and individual liberty. Show support for keeping our document alive by sharing articles, making a donation, or even hosting a Constitutional education event in your community.What You Can Do to Help Protect Our Constitution from the Republican Revolution.The Republican Revolution is a threat to our Constitution. To help protect our Constitution from the Republican Revolution, learn more about the threats it poses and join a group that is fighting it. As an activist, you can also get involved in political activism to help protect our Constitution. You can find information about how to do this at websites like The Huffington Post or And if you feel like you have an important role to play in this battle, please consider running for office or volunteering with a local organization that focuses on defending our Constitution.


The Republican Revolution is a threat to our Constitution. You can help protect our Constitution by learning more about it and joining groups fighting the revolution. Additionally, you can act politically to help protect our Constitution from this erosion. In the end, it’s important to work together to protect our society and its foundational documents. Thank you for reading!


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