Unpacking the Historical Context Behind Billie Holiday’s Song “Strange Fruit”


agency. The story follows their journey as they travel to Europe for a much-needed vacation, but end up getting embroiled in another murder mystery. With an international cast and stunning locations, Murder Mystery promises to be a fun and entertaining watch.

Meanwhile, on Amazon Prime Video, viewers can indulge in Tales from the Loop, a sci-fi series that takes place in a small town where strange things are happening due to a mysterious machine called ‘The Loop’. The show explores the interconnectedness of the characters’ lives and how they are affected by the strange occurrences. With breathtaking cinematography and a thought-provoking storyline, Tales from the Loop is a must-watch for sci-fi enthusiasts.

Hulu’s new release, The United States vs. Billie Holiday, is a gripping true story about the legendary jazz singer and her struggles with addiction, racism and justice.

and his defense attorney as she fights against government secrecy and abuse of power. Starring Jodie Foster, Tahar Rahim, and Benedict Cumberbatch, this film explores themes of justice, democracy, and human rights. The Mauritanian is set to release on Friday, March st.

The Mauritanian depicts a comprehensive account of the United States government’s atrocities, ranging from the deplorable torture practices at Guantanamo to the blind patriotism that enabled it. Tahar Rahim plays the lead role of Slahi, while Jodie Foster and Shailene Woodley portray his attorneys and Benedict Cumberbatch embodies the government’s representative. Beginning on April st, The Mauritanian will be available for streaming. For viewers interested in Hulu’s featured content, Rye Lane is an endearing romantic-comedy infused with an ample dose of English culture. Protagonists Yas and Dom, both grappling with their own heartbreaks, find solace and companionship in one another.

The remaining duration of the day is spent in each other’s company. The movie contains several clever references to its genre’s origins, combining comical and farcical scenes with instances of love at first sight, all set against the unexpectedly vibrant background of South London. It is both amusing and endearing, making it an excellent choice to begin your weekend. Rye Lane will debut on Friday, March st. Amazon Prime’s recommended content includes The Power, which takes inspiration from its eponymous novel and envisions a world where females suddenly acquire the power to manipulate electricity, upending gender norms and expectations.

The basis of a global matriarchy is established in the sci-fi drama, commencing with Margot (portrayed by Toni Collette), mother of three and mayor of Seattle, while also bringing forth the stories of other women across the world. The series stars Auli’i Cravalho, John Leguizamo, and Toheeb Jimoh. With an all-female writer’s room and solely women occupying the director’s chair for the nine episodes, the show not only preaches about gender equality but also practices it fervently. The Power is set to premiere on Friday, March st. It may seem absurd, but Bros, released last year, was the first-ever romantic-comedy focused on gay men.

Bros, a movie produced by a renowned film production company, is a remarkable achievement with its numerous significances. The film is an excellent representation of its genre brought to life by the skilled team at the studio. The plot centers on Billy Eichner’s character, a podcast advocate who recently landed a job as a curator for a brand new museum celebrating the LGBTQ+ community. Despite his unambiguous pride in being single, everything changes when a handsome man approaches him at a nightclub. While initially dismissive, he begins to reconsider the man’s advances. Bros will be available for streaming on April th on various platforms, including HBO Max. Additionally, fans of Janicza Bravo’s indie crime comedy Zola can also look forward to her earlier production, Lemon, being available on streaming services this week.


In conclusion, The Power is a highly-anticipated series that promises to deliver an empowering message of equality and representation. With an all-female writer’s room and female directors leading the way, the show provides necessary opportunities for women in the entertainment industry. It’s a timely reminder that representation matters and that diverse stories should be told on the screen. The Power premieres on March 12th, and it’s a must-watch for anyone who believes in the power of inclusive storytelling. Let’s hope that more shows like this will follow, breaking barriers and creating space for more voices to be heard.


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