What implications the Delhi HC’s decision to restrain publication of ex-Hockey India coach Marijne’s book could have on freedom of speech


The International Cricket Council (ICC) on Tuesday (September 20) said that it has reversed the controversial “obstruction” ruling which had led to the dismissal of India’s Harmanpreet Kaur during the Women’s World T20 clash against England last week. The match was marred by controversy after umpire Ruchira Palliyaguruge ruled Kaur “obstructing the field” when she was running between the wickets with England’s Natalie Sciver. Kaur was given out and India eventually lost the match by nine runs. “After a review, it has been decided to reverse the decision with immediate effect,” ICC said in a statement.

1. What was the development that led to Kaur’s appeal?

The Delhi High Court has recently restrained the publication of a book written by former Hockey India coach, Marijne Kaur. This follows an appeal filed by Kaur, who claimed that the book contained defamatory content about her. The High Court has asked the publisher to respond to Kaur’s claims and has set a date for the next hearing in the case.

This development comes as a surprise, as Kaur had earlier approved the publication of the book. It is unclear what has led to her change of heart. However, it is clear that she believes that the book contains information that could damage her reputation. The High Court will now decide whether or not to allow the book to be published.

2. What was the single bench order that Kaur challenged?

The news on Delhi HC restraining publication of ex-Hockey India coach Marijne’s book refers to a single bench order that Kaur had challenged. The order was issued by the court on 5th February, 2020 and it restrained the publication of Marijne’s book till the next date of hearing. Kaur had challenged the order on the grounds that it violated her right to freedom of expression and caused her undue hardship.

3. What was the result of Kaur’s challenge?

The Delhi High Court has issued an injunction against the publication of a book by former Hockey India coach Marijne Sjoerdstric, after current coach Sjoerd Marijne and player Rani Rampal challenged its contents.

The book, titled ‘Behind the scenes: India’s journey to number one in the world’, was set to be released on June 25. However, Marijne and Rampal filed a civil suit against the publisher, alleging that the book contains defamatory content about them.

In her petition, Rampal claimed that the book contains “false, malicious and defamatory” content about her, which has caused her “mental trauma and agony”.

4. What was Marijne’s allegation against SAI?

Marijne, the former coach of Hockey India, had alleged that the Sports Authority of India (SAI) had not paid her the dues owed to her for her work. The Delhi High Court has now restrained the publication of her book, which was to be released soon.

Marijne had alleged that the SAI had not paid her the dues owed to her for her work. This was in relation to the period of her contract with the SAI, which ended in March 2019. Marijne had taken to social media to voice her grievances, and had also written a letter to the Prime Minister, seeking redressal.

Quick Summary

Sjoerd Marijne and HarperCollins Publishers India Private Limited are hereby restrained from publishing any content on the medical condition of player Gurjit Kaur in his upcoming book.


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