“From Frenemies to Friends: The Drama-Filled Reunion of The Bachelor’s ASKN Cast”


In a previous interview with Decider in January, Joey Graziadei from The Bachelor Season hinted at an anticipated reunion of the Golden Bachelor. This reunion would include several beloved contestants from Gerry Turner’s season. With confidence, Graziadei mentioned that the ASKN ladies will make an appearance on an episode, guaranteeing the audience’s delight in seeing them on their television screens once more. As expected, his prediction was spot-on. To jog memories, Graziadei had previously surprised Gerry’s gals during a group date dedicated to the Golden Bachelor, where he provided pickleball guidance. Additionally, he has engaged with members of the renowned ASKN clique.

April Kirkwood, Susan Noles, Kathy Sts, and Nancy Hulkower have made multiple appearances together in various instances. These remarkable individuals even collaborated on promotional activities for a previous season of The Bachelor. The members of Bachelor Nation were uncertain about the specific manner in which Kirkwood, Noles, Sts, and Hulkower would make their comeback on ABC, although I anticipated it to be a triumphant one. My expectations were met when the four friends took the stage in Episode , leaving me eagerly yearning for The Golden Bachelorette! (I wonder what is causing the delay, ABC?!In honor of the inaugural Bachelor Nation Mrs. Right Pageant, Graziadei graciously welcomed these four beautiful and astonishing women onto the stage where…

The ASKN members came together and energetically exclaimed their well-known catchphrase – If you’re ASKN, we’re TELLIN! – in perfect harmony, reminiscent of the good old days. In a matter of moments, they found themselves showering Graziadei with adoration, akin to proud relatives who also find him attractive. We all share a deep affection for Joey, they expressed in front of the cameras. Nancy, a retired interior designer from Alexandria, Virginia, contributed, Today, I even asked him if he had any family members, be it an uncle, brother, older sibling, or cousin. The ASKN ladies were indeed some of the most humorous cast members of The Golden Bachelor, known for their infectious energy and engaging personalities that never failed to bring laughter and joy to viewers of Bachelor Nation each week until its conclusion.

During their season, there was a brief disagreement between Golden Bachelor winner Theresa Nist and Sts, who is a retired education consultant known for her clever remarks. Sts served as a Gold Carpet Correspondent for The Golden Wedding, while Noles, a wedding officiant from Aston, Pennsylvania, officiated the wedding of the Golden Bachelor couple. Both ladies possess sharp wit, strong opinions, and are not afraid to express themselves. Their reputation preceded them when they participated in The Bachelor’s group date. ASKN was approached to judge the pageant and moderate the Q&A panel with Graziadei. In response to this, Bachelor contestant Maria remarked, They’re a bit outspoken.

In anticipation of their inquiries, she expressed uncertainty. Despite her request for a more gentle approach, the daring seniors of ASKN disregarded her plea and delved straight into business matters. To Graziadei’s chagrin, Kirkwood initiated the conversation by inquiring, After three decades of marital bliss with Joey, how do you revitalize your relationship when things aren’t quite as passionate? The women also raised queries regarding the pretense of intimacy and the potential outcomes if participants found themselves confined in an elevator with the Season lead. Nevertheless, they tactfully addressed some innocent and wholesome topics alongside these risqué questions. As a contestant…

During the talent segment of the competition, Kisser engaged in a passionate exchange with Grazidei. The female spectators showed their support through applause, while Susan expressed her reservations by exclaiming, I remain skeptical, my dear! and playfully wagged her finger. It was refreshing to witness the ASKN women carry out their duties as pageant judges with utmost seriousness. However, their presence served as a reminder that senior individuals delving into the realm of reality television romance often provide more amusement than yet another group of individuals in their twenties searching for love. Kirkwood and Noles were particularly memorable in this regard.


As a contestant on the reality TV show, Graziadei found herself in a precarious situation when the daring seniors of ASKN disregarded her plea for a more conservative approach. However, despite their risqué questions about revitalizing relationships and hypothetical scenarios, the women also tactfully addressed some innocent and wholesome topics. Graziadei’s experience with this group reminded her that sometimes unexpected challenges can lead to personal growth and a deeper understanding of oneself. And although she may not have anticipated these unconventional inquiries, she embraced the opportunity to navigate the complexities of reality TV with grace, resilience, and a newfound appreciation for the power of conversation.


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