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its wide array of film choices and the added benefit of free access for Amazon Prime members, Amazon Prime Video has become the preferred streaming platform among movie enthusiasts, overtaking Netflix as the leading player in the US market. The extensive collection of movies available on Amazon Prime Video is unparalleled, making it a go-to destination for those seeking top-notch cinematic content. While viewers have the option to rent films for a nominal fee, Amazon Prime subscribers enjoy the privilege of accessing virtually all movie selections without any additional cost. This generous offering undoubtedly contributes to the platform’s growing popularity and success.

In view of the vastness of its collection, locating the suitable movie to view in a library can prove challenging. Amazon Prime Video provides a variety that caters to diverse preferences, ensuring that individuals with varying moods or film tastes will discover compelling options within their streaming platform. Nevertheless, given the extensive range offered by Amazon Prime Video, whether ad-free or not, narrowing down the selection from such an abundance can pose difficulties. Hence, presented below are the finest movies presently accessible on Amazon Prime Video. One example is Asteroid City (), wherein Wes Anderson’s characteristic whimsical style pervades throughout the entirety of the film.

In director Anderson’s eleventh cinematic endeavor, the world of science fiction takes center stage like never before. Embracing a multidimensional premise, the film delves into the metatextual realm of a theatrical production that revolves around the lives of the Junior Stargazers and their families congregating at a convention during the s. Anderson, renowned for his grand ensemble casts, presents one of his most colossal endeavors yet with Asteroid City. The movie showcases numerous esteemed collaborators of Anderson, including Jason Schtzman and Edd Norton, while significantly featuring the noteworthy addition of Tom Hanks in a minor role, marking their inaugural collaboration with the director. Following the somewhat forgettable reception of The French Dispatch, Anderson triumphantly returns to his creative prowess with the compelling and visually stunning Asteroid City.

The Big Sick (is distinguished for its stylish execution, idiosyncratic storytelling, and outstanding cast. It is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video with a running time of minutes. This film marks a pivotal moment in Kumail Nanjiani’s career as he transitions from his supporting role in Silicon Valley to take center stage. Collaborating with his wife, Emily Gordon, Nanjiani co-writes the script, drawing upon their own lives to create a semi-autobiographical narrative. The movie introduces Nanjiani as a stand-up comedian and Uber driver who develops a deep connection with Emily Gardner (portrayed by Zoe Kazan), leading to a captivating and tumultuous love story. However, as their bond encounters obstacles arising from cultural disparities, Emily’s health deteriorates, plunging the couple into a challenging and emotional journey.

The romantic comedy genre is presented with a distinctive premise in coma, which proves to be remarkably successful. The narrative of Kumail and Emily holds even more significance due to the fact that it is based on true events. Although romantic comedies often do not receive the recognition they merit, it is undeniable how impactful The Big Sick truly is. The remarkable screenplay by Nanjiani and Gordon earned them a nomination for Best Original Screenplay at the Academy Ads and the prestigious win for Best First Screenplay at the Independent Spirit Ads. Catch this compelling film on Amazon Prime Video. Riz Ahmed has gained a reputation for portraying complex and troubled characters since his breakthrough role.

In the film Sound of Metal, Riz Ahmed delivers a remarkable performance that can be considered his best to date. Portraying Ruben Stone, an experimental metal drummer who confronts the gradual loss of his hearing, Ahmed skillfully captures the inner turmoil and struggles faced by his character. As Ruben faces the difficult decision of whether to opt for cochlear implants or remain within his close-knit community of recovering addicts with deafness, the complexity of his situation is brilliantly portrayed. Unsurprisingly, Ahmed’s portrayal of the troubled Ruben earned him numerous accolades and recognition, including an Oscar nomination.

While Ahmed undoubtedly steals the limelight with his exceptional acting, it is important to acknowledge the praise received by other aspects of the film as well. The sound editing in particular was highly acclaimed, adding depth and intensity to the narrative. With its remarkable attention to detail and seamless incorporation of sound effects, the film successfully immerses the audience in Ruben’s experience of losing his hearing.

In Summary

In conclusion, the narrative of Kumail and Emily in The Big Sick not only captivates audiences with its heartfelt and humorous approach, but it also holds even more significance because it is based on true events. Despite the underappreciation often faced by romantic comedies, there is no denying the profound impact of this film. The remarkable screenplay by Nanjiani and Gordon has earned them well-deserved recognition, including nominations at the Academy Awards and a prestigious win at the Independent Spirit Awards. And for those who have been captivated by Riz Ahmed’s talent for portraying complex and troubled characters, The Big Sick is another testament to his remarkable abilities. Don’t miss out on this compelling film, available now on Amazon Prime Video.


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