Celebrating the Impact of Steve Lacy’s Revolutionary Music Style


Upon the conclusion of Harry Styles’ single “As It Was” holding fifteen consecutive weeks at the pinnacle of Billboard Hot , a five week streak within that span, it was widely acclaimed as one of the most remarkable events in music this year. Rather than another famed musician, such as Drake or Taylor Swift, releasing an approximate number single, the emergence of Steve Lacy and his alt-R&B track “Bad Habit” culminated with its rally to the No. spot after it initially entered the chart back in July. Upon the song being duly awarded the number ranking on October rd, Lacy marked the momentous occasion.

It is quite remarkable how the rise of Lacy in the music industry has been incredibly rapid; ten years ago, he was producing and recording music on his phone – to now having the most popular song in the United States. Since , Lacy has remained persistent with creating and releasing eclectic, highly-produced music that tests the boundaries of various genres. Therefore, experiencing his ascension to stardom is an event that should not be underestimated. The enthusiasm for this accomplishment among fans has been immense, as evidenced by the success of their Instagram post 'iphone boy to superstar’. This journey is also being mirrored by SAIAH, who, like Lacy, is redefining the punk genre through their track star status.

The Compton-born artist, Steve Lacy, made waves earlier this year on TikTok with his funk-laden smash hit “Bad Habit”. However, it would be a misjudgement to pigeonhole him as a mere “TikTok artist”; the -year-old has proved himself capable of wearing many hats in his career. As an adept guitarist within the R&B collective The Internet, an acclaimed producer for renowned names such as Denzel Curry, Kendrick Lamar, and Solange, and a featured musician on tracks by Vampire Weekend and Dev Hynes, Steve Lacy has certainly made a name for himself.

Since producing and subsequently appearing in the Odd Future-backed group The Internet, he has garnered both a cult following among musicians and fans alike with his lush, electronically charged R&B. In such a short amount of time, few have amassed a career as successful and cool as his. His rise to prominence is attributed to his touch as a recording artist; creating a melodious blend of sounds that hark back to memories of nostalgia, radiate the SoCal sunniness, and emit an innovative soulful style of alt-R&B. It is clear that his fruitful career as a talented musician is well earned.

It is hardly surprising that his music has gained mainstream acceptance, given the fact that he has already made waves in the industry by collaborating with renowned musicians. Gemini Rights is a testament to his creative versatility and clever fusion of indie rock, jazz, and R&B to express the pain of endings and experiences peppered with astrological references. This record is tailor-made for an audience that embraces various genres, exciting many young fans. Apart from this captivating sound, Lacy also displays Gen Z star qualities akin to those of other successful breakout artists.

Omar Apollo, Lacy is an individual whose character exhibits a homegrown quality as he progresses towards renown, unhesitatingly tinkering with his melody and lyricism, confident in his queerness, and endearingly himself. Nevertheless, this is the perception of Lacy that has been held since the era when he was recording demos after classes. It is equally stimulating that Lacy is taking this vigor, amalgamated with his chic sound, directly to the Grammys (which are sometimes deemed as unchanging or traditional). Already, Lacy has acquired two Grammy nominations, both in the Best Urban Contemporary Album category for the Internet’s Ego Death in and his production Apollo XXI in .

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In conclusion, it is not surprising that Steve Lacy’s music has enjoyed mainstream success. His unique blend of indie rock, jazz, and R&B creates a captivating sound that speaks to young fans and the various genres they appreciate. As his music continues to soar high in the charts, it’s clear that Steve Lacy is a brilliant rising star with a special touch that sets him apart from the rest. He has an impressive creative versatility and his lyrics are full of astrological references that resonate deeply with young listeners. With his boldness and genre-bending skills, it won’t be long before he is one of the biggest names in the industry.


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