How Marcus Coleman is Incorporating New Strategies to Reach the Next Level of His Iowa State Wrestling Career


In an interview recently, Iowa State’s Marcus Coleman stated that he believes that the best is to come in his wrestling career. He also said that he’s looking forward to a big accomplishment at the national championships as well as competing in the Big 12 conference championships.

Bob Steenlage Iowa High School Wrestler Award

The Iowa State University’s team of wrestlers is youthful and skilled. Marcus Coleman, a junior wrestler, is the leader of the team. As a result, they are looking to make their mark at the national championships.

The Cyclones went 3-2 last week and have a three-match winning streak. They only lost to the two Iowa State staples. After four years, this is Iowa’s first loss in a dual match against an opponent that is not from the state.

The Cyclones were victorious over Coleman’s wins and also had important decisions from Tanner Hall, Kordell Norfleet and Zahid Valencia. Those wins helped Iowa score three bonus points in exchange for winning.

Iowa has received 32 NCAA Team championships. Since 2004, Iowa has not been defeated by opponents from the state.

Iowa State has never won a dual meet against the Hawkeyes. All 10 matches of the season were split. Iowa’s success this season makes them 12-0. There are a lot of tensions between the two programs.

NCAA and Big 12 Wrestlers of the Week

Marcus Coleman, a native of Ames is currently ranked fourth in the country with 184 pounds. Marcus Coleman is currently on his way to win another championship. Two of the best Ames wrestlers already registered to compete in the NCAA tournament, he’s looking to take it one step further.

It is believed that the Iowa State wrestling program is sending a significant recruiting class to the city. Coleman is expected to be an important part of the Cyclones future, according to Kevin Jackson, head coach. The player has steadily improved over his entire career.

Coleman weighed in at 200 pounds and beat Aaron Brooks from Penn State. Coleman was selected as Big 12 Wrestlers of the Week.

Coleman used a six-point move on Brooks in the above match. Coleman didn’t take the game but he did win the match.

Another winner in the past week was Iowa State’s 197-pound freshman Sam Colbray, who earned an 18th place ranking. Colbray won four of his first five matches.

the PRSA’s Puerto Rican Cultural Night coming to Iowa State

Ames hometown Ames native Iowa State 184-pounder Marcus Coleman believes that the best is to come for his wrestling career. After winning his first state title in 2017, Coleman is aiming to win another. It’s on his way to win it again in 2019.

Ames is now home to three state champions for only time since 2002. Kaleb Young, Myles Wilson and Myles Wilson were the previous winners. Both wrestled under the Hawkeye program. In the present, along with Coleman, the Cyclones will attempt to stamp their stamp on the state.

As one of the hottest young players in the nation, Coleman is determined to get the most out of his senior year. Coleman’s main objective is to be the best in every match in the mat.

He has won 54 matches consecutively. It’s not uncommon for a student athlete to attain the level of this, however it’s uncommon to see someone achieve this feat during the NCAA championship.

Coleman’s career record is 75-38. Coleman has won two times against the top 10 wrestlers. The most notable was winning against eventual champion Aaron Brooks. He won the NCAA Wrestler Award of Week on Tuesday.

You’d like to make your mark on the country’s nationals

In the event that Iowa State and Iowa take on the mat for their double on Saturday night, tensions will be high. Both the Cyclones and Hawkeyes are both known for their history of fighting that spans to the past. They had a 10-match split in the recent past. In contrast, the Cyclones have taken three wins in the past four matches and are 6-0. They’re headed to the blue pool championship.

Iowa State has a star-studded roster with three NCAA champions. Coach Kevin Jackson expects Coleman to become a crucial piece of the Cyclones’ future. With 184 pounds, the Coleman is currently 4th in the nation.

There’s only one thing he wants: to win every one of his games this season. He’s been pinned twice and is facing one big decision and two points bonus.

After earning his first top-eight finishing in Detroit the month of March, Coleman will be looking to make the jump towards the top of the list of national ranking. He’s already a State champion and has his sights set on a third. Coleman’s college experiences have been a continuous improvement.


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