Nashville Predators Extend Media Rights Agreement with Bally Sports South


Predators Announce New Media Rights Agreement with Bally Sports South.Under the new deal, Bally Sports South will become the exclusive licensee for Predators Hockey in South Africa. This will include production of all future Predators hockey games, including the 2017-2018 season. The agreement also includes a share of any profits generated from NHL games played in South Africa.Bally Sports South is excited to partner with Predators Hockey and help bring this team to life in fans around the world.How the New Media Rights Agreement Willimpact Predators Hockey.Under the new media rights agreement, Bally Sports South will become the exclusive rights holder for Predators Hockey. This means that all home games played by the Predators will now be aired in South Africa. The deal also includes a two-year agreement, which gives Bally Sports South the right to air all future Predators hockey games.The Predators Hockey team will now have exclusive rights to air all home games in South AfricaThis switch is a big news for the Predators as it ensures that their home games will always be televised in South Africa. It’s also a sign of confidence from management that they can succeed in this country and bring success to their team.

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Predators Hockey will now have exclusive rights to air all home games in South Africa. This will impact Predators hockey as a whole and should provide some significant financial benefits. Anyone interested in investing in this stock should have a long-term investment strategy in place, be prepared for volatility, and stay up-to-date on financial news.


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