How the death of Putin’s daughter could be a turning point in Russian history


On August 20, 800g of explosives were planted under the driver’s seat of her car and rigged to blow as she left a festival near Moscow. Kyiv has denied any link to the slaying, the Azov Battalion says it has no record of Vovk having served with them, and evidence that has emerged from social media accounts paints a picture that is at odds with Moscow’s account. But Ukrainian and Western officials, as well as a number of prominent Russian commentators, believe the car bomb was likely executed by agents loyal to Putin after Dugin criticised the Russian president in a public Telegram post.

1. What was the car bomb that killed a Russian dissident in Moscow?

The car bomb that killed a Russian dissident in Moscow was a powerful explosion that occurred in the early morning hours of November 8th. The blast killed the dissident and injured several other people who were in the vicinity. The explosion was so powerful that it blew out the windows of nearby buildings and caused extensive damage to nearby cars.

2. Who is being blamed for the car bomb?

There has been much speculation as to who was behind the car bomb that killed a Russian patriot. Some believe that it was the work of Vladimir Putin himself, while others believe that it was the work of the daughter of Putin’s Rasputin. Regardless of who is responsible, the act has caused much consternation among the people of Russia.

Quick Summary

The killing of Darya Dugina, a prominent pro-Kremlin broadcaster, in a car bombing near Moscow has brought the war in Ukraine into disturbingly close range of the Kremlin. Russian intelligence yesterday named Natalia Vovk as the agent responsible for the killing. Hundreds of people this morning attended Darya Dugina’s funeral service in a large television studio in Moscow (pictured), where she worked as a prominent pro-Kremlin broadcaster.


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