Choosing the Perfect Flight Companion According to Your Zodiac Sign


Prepare to take to the skies in the most cordial fashion. Aircrafts stand as the fastest and most advantageous method of discovering the expansive world out there. Vast explorations can potentiate an opportunity for one to familiarize oneself with new realms and come to recognize traits of their character that have remained obscured. Travel may be a particularly stimulating encounter, however it can also bring about a multitude of difficulties. Southwest Airlines we are looking at you. Choosing the optimal airline to bring about the most gratifying flight experience is an essential element when crafting or enjoying an excursion or business trip.

The New York Post sought to gain an understanding of the broad international travel domain and establish the most suitable manner for individuals to traverse the globe from sea to shining sea. Thus, in doing so, the publication exclusively engaged with travel expert Brad Pinzer as it was determined that each zodiac sign possesses individual traits and qualities which seamlessly match with respective airlines. Consequently, a collaborative effort was made to construct the definitive list of superior international airlines for astrological signs. To discover which hotel would be the prime option based on one’s zodiac sign, here is a guide: ARIES (MARCH – APRIL ): ANA – An Aries’ admiration of action, excitement, and daring will lead them to favor ANA.

For those individuals wishing to explore exotic destinations in Asia, ANA (All Nippon Airwaysis the perfect airline to accommodate these wishes, offering flights to cities such as Tokyo, Bangkok, and Singapore. With its exceptional service and amicable employees, ANA is an ideal choice for Aries travelers who desire an adventure. For those of the Taurus sign (April – May with a preference for elegance, Qatar Airways will be the optimal selection. By partaking in the world-renowned QSuite business class product, a Taurus will experience true luxury aboard their flight.

As a Gemini, you possess an innate curiosity for people, life and new horizons. Your desire to explore the world around you and experience life to its fullest is certainly something to be admired. Therefore, when considering your travel options to the Middle East, Africa and Asia, United Airlines may be the perfect choice. Recently topping the list of global airlines with the most destinations— total—United Airlines have cemented themselves as the premier option to satisfy the wanderlust of Geminis. With more places on earth accessible than any other airline, treat yourself to the opportunity to make even more amazing memories.

For those born under the zodiac sign of Cancer (June – July ), Delta Airlines could be an ideal choice. Individuals with this sign are noted for their inquisitive nature, along with their desire to learn about local culture and history, as well as a typically compassionate attitude seeking security.

Delta is one of the premier carriers by passengers carried and flies to destinations spread across different continents, offering Cancers the perfect opportunity to explore different places and cultures. Additionally, among the U.S.-based carriers, Delta has often been voted to have the best customer service, perfectly in line with the caring and security-seeking needs of Cancers.

Individuals born between the dates of July rd and August nd, belonging to the Leo zodiac sign, are known for their strong will and vibrant enthusiasm for life. Representing this same regality, Iberia Airlines is an ideal choice for Leos travelling to destinations such as Madrid, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Not only are its planes comfortable and service dependable, but Iberia also offers one of the best value mile redemptions in all classes from the East Coast and Chicago to Madrid. Thus, it is a preferred means to explore European monarchies for all individuals born under the sign of Leo.

In Summary

In conclusion, Delta is the ideal choice of airline for Cancers, due to its extensive route network, high levels of customer service and its ability to meet the security-seeking needs of this Zodiac sign. With so much to offer, Cancers can be sure they are making the best possible choice when they choose to travel with Delta Airlines.


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