Top 10 Most Popular Theories on What Will Happen in Yellowjackets Season 2


Yellowjackets became a cult show on Showtime as well as receiving praise from critics when it was brought up to Showtime 2021. The psychological horror show and come-of-age drama told the tale of the New Jersey high-school soccer team that is entangled in mysterious forest in their quest to win the national title.

1. Lottie is the Antler Queen

Lottie Matthews (also known as Courtney Eaton), started with a timid start, but quickly became famous. The actress began having visions which she found frightening and precise as her mental state was declining.

The bear even persuaded the wild bear as a reward for its food, to surrender its own life. It was an incredibly chilling and shocking twist of the events. It’s not known whether these incidents were caused through her mind or by a supernatural force however, she was the official leader of the survivors after the end of the first season.

The second season seems to suggest that she’s gotten more influential as nearly every survivors bows to her for guidance or her approval. This could mean anything, but it makes for a fascinating tale.

2. Jackie is a devoted traveler who loves time.

The Yellowjackets supporters have been proclaiming the fact that Jackie (Ella Purnell) has a connection to time travel. The theory has its roots in the first scene in the premiere, in which an unidentified young woman races across the desert to be the dinner of hungry Yellowjackets.

Ashley Lyle, the show’s creator, as well as Bart Nickerson are confirmed by Jackie that they aren’t time traveler.

Jackie passed away from the very first winter snowthat is actually the result of her nightmare sequence, that saw her return to her home. When she is involved in an dispute between herself and Shauna Lynskey (Melanie Lynskey) and she is frozen to her death.

3. Adam is Javi

Yellowjackets provides a thrilling experience each week, ranging from horror screams to teenage group dramas, to adults struggling to cope with the trauma of their lives.

While the show is more supernaturally inspired rather than realistic, the characters of Shauna aren’t without mystery. It’s a bit haunting to the entire thing. It’s like Taissa’s blind man on the wall and Lottie’s French Seance Ghost.

There has been speculation that Shauna’s lover Adam (Peter Gadiot) could is Javi Martinez, the coach’s younger son who was missing along with Shauna as well as the other girls out in the wilderness. It’s the most plausible hypothesis of all because there are plenty of evidence to suggest that it is real.

4. Misty is a serial murderer.

Misty the high school equipment manager was bullied by her peers and was shunned by her peers. First aid training were invaluable following the accident. She helped save Ben Scott’s leg after cutting off his leg.

They were able to survive because of her expertise and experience. However, when two of them expressed gratitude for her help, she turned off the emergency locator in the aircraft, which made it more difficult for rescuers.

Misty is trying to kill Jessica Roberts during the season through injecting fentanyl into her cigarettes. The show teases the possibility that Misty might have murdered a number of individuals. The next season is sure to be an exciting one for the fans. Below are some theories circulated on the internet throughout the years.

5. Shauna is the owner of a house.

While Shauna does not want to speak about the matter, Jackie’s ownership of Shauna is an fascinating theories of the season. This makes sense considering her past traumas and the fact that it makes sense for Shauna to be haunted, and later on, haunted by her former teammate.

This is also the sole reason to explain why Jackie not getting murdered by wolves in 2021. In the snow, while she was sleeping Jackie froze, and then died.


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