Why You Should Visit the Pacific During its Little-Known Season:


Known for its stunning tropical islands as well as world-class scuba diving, the Pacific is considered to be one of the most breathtaking destinations on Earth. While the most ideal time to visit is the dry season, there are also times when it is less popular and have more affordable cost.

The most arid months in the South Pacific are June, July, and august. They offer plenty sun as well as beautiful hues. There are also the activities only available during this time, such as diving with whales at Tonga or spotting dolphins on the beaches of Fiji.

June – August

There is a time that you can see the Pacific Islands are at their most beautiful if you decide to go. The season is locally known as “El Veranillo of San Juan” and has lots of attractions for tourists.

It is a time when the weather stays stable and there is a very low chance of rain, and pleasant temperatures. It’s an excellent opportunity to visit these breathtaking locations as water visibility is better and the number of tourists is lower.

In Rarotonga The dry season begins from the month of May until October. The weather is very mild – perfect for soaking up some Polynesian tradition. Tahiti is also in dry seasons and it is an ideal time for visiting the island because there is a variety of Polynesian festivals taking place.


The Pacific Islands offer the perfect getaway to the beach. The sun-drenched paradise of tropical islands anytime you’d like. However, there are occasions when it is even better.

This is a season with little recognition. conditions are cooler, and the visibility of water is improved — ideal for swimming, diving and exploring inland. There are festivals throughout the world like Heiva Nui (French Polynesia) and Heilala Fest (Tonga).

The rainy season is more likely to happen between the months of May and September between October and November, they are warm dry, consistent and dry -great times to explore the islands. This is the perfect time to go on a South Pacific vacation. Prices will be less as there aren’t many tourists.

You can also spot whales in August, when these stunning creatures are at play in Tonga as well as Fiji. There are several species you can spot, including humpbacks, minke whales and blue whales.

From December to February

This is a little-known time when the tropics shine brightest filled with sun and warm water. This is also the time when whale watching season begins, so if that’s something you’re after, this is the ideal time!

If you’re hoping to be free of the crowds, but nevertheless have an affordable vacation, then February and March are great options. Although it’s hot and temperatures can reach the 30s and higher, the climate is much cooler than in the peak season.

The waters are also more resistant to freezing, so you can take a dip all day without having to worry from hypothermia! It is also possible to wear a sweater or even a jacket for the nighttime.

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